Friday, 24 January 2014

The Tranquility Pod will help you de-stress over parting with a lot of money

Tranquility Pod

There hoops willing through so point where relax. Sometimes, so much so long how , making a very unpleasant circle too much frustrated. While a nap a moment a world , some need a spacial quiet place their thoughts.

If very high-stress environment, ’t time, energy, a quiet nook space, then Pod might be a good thing around. T like a giant, white M&M opening 76” diameter suede-topped memory foam cushion a waterbed. Of course, suede pillows.

If’t sound extravagant enough already, buckle in, because t costs $30,000, enough features tag. Once inside, 90% sound out fiberglass pod. There four-speaker 80-watt sound system inside so listen smartphone playlists. The subwoofer some vibration bed, undoubtedly back pain. There 50 LEDs inside pod be whatever color , pulse sensor, they heart rate. T very similar being a womb might be like, what makes so comfortable . Well, unless .

Available via Hammacher Schlemmer
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