Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Hanger Squeegee will help prevent make future housecleaning easier

Hanger Squeegee

We so many hours day, feels like get . Laundry needs done, food prepared, work completed, house cleaned, socializing, personal projects, about every minute day. The best way living life like a well-oiled machine tools ready so easily transition from task .

Cleaning never-ending chore, ’t keep it, then try guests, but enough. The looking tidy do spot cleaning every time a mess. It’s hard yourself working t, especially if it’s things like noticing a tad dusty five minutes everything -over. If preemptively so ’t work harder than necessary, Squeegee . Sadly, that’s part house help with, but hey, it’s a start!

T a very simple, yet effective idea. The plastic hanger lined bottom low profile, hang off bar holding curtain. Whenever you’ve finished cleaning yourself, simply rinse bathing area, along curtain any soap scum be lurking around. These come, white,, around $10.

Available on Umbra, found via redferret
[ The Hanger Squeegee prevent make future housecleaning easier ]

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