Monday, 6 January 2014

The Pocket Grappling Hook isn’t practical for every day use, but looks cool

Grappling Hook

We fanciful version being a spy heads. Attending high-class parties, driving awesome cars, being , off enemies. Having equipment job thing, but actually carrying out thing entirely. fit, stealthy, , course, gizmos help (though resourcefulness than a utility belt).

Regardless information, nifty spy gear around exceedingly off-chance find a use. The Pocket Grappling Hook such item’t f use head, but real-world use. T created trip wires from a safe distance, rather than repelling down secure facility.

Before anyone asks, no, t , shouldn’t be used support functions. The spikes stowed inside water resistant O-ring body. If be heavier when it, simply fill dirt away. T cost you $35, ’t serve any real purpose other than aesthetics unless find yourself trip wires regular.

Available on countycomm, found via thisiswhyimbroke
[ The Pocket Grappling Hook isn’t practical day use, but looks cool ]

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