Tuesday, 23 July 2013

iPad Pocket Projector

I clearly remember when I first caught sight pocket projector – bowled me over possibilities, but after getting one, I rarely used it. Come , seen action just a handful , so much so count a single hand. I suppose needs, but enough market research studies must done projectors approved . Those who tend business presentations go might find this $249.95 iPad Pocket Projector a boon, especially when making pitch among a group investors, instead them one.

The iPad Pocket Projector says , where hook iPad display enlarged views , movies, . arrive physical form factor smaller than a smartphone, tipping 5 ounces, where plug in iPad’s 30-pin charging port, making some sort entity. In a nutshell, transform a small room in mini movie theater sans complicated setup. The iPad Pocket Projector 35-lumen LED 6″ ″ diagonal images from 8″ ″ away 4:3 aspect ratio. Unfortunately, ’s resolution maxes out x 480 pixels, but thankfully there manual focus wheel -tune image clarity, alongside controls audio level. The LED itself rated,000 hours, nice iPads, 4S, 4, 3GS, generation iPod touch.
[ iPad Pocket Projector ]

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Luxi turns your iPhone into a photographer’s light meter

There lot in a great picture. a good subject, background, lighting, equipment, right angle. Of course, probably important thing good eye. It’s amazing how a small change angle, few tweaked settings camera all . But even eyes can’t see everything. Which it’s good a little help from .

This Luxi Status Indicator small light diffusion dome be used iPhone. When ’s front-facing camera, be able special light meter app perfect settings DSLR. Once next subject, you’ll be able a readout settings you’ll want camera. give speed, ISO, settings .

There meter apps market, however, ’s diffusion dome when you’re using it. give a reading light. The small accessory doesn’t come big price, either. Just $25 -order list. Yours -8 weeks.

Source: ChipChick
[ Luxi turns in photographer’s light meter ]

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Starry Light lets you gaze at the constellations inside your home

There about beauty our attention. My favorite times I’m out middle moonless night. Without pollution city, see so many than thought possible. Unfortunately, most people aren’t lucky enough these beautiful sights outside. But what if see them bedroom?

The Starry Light special lamp been designed off a selection might normally see specific area world, specific time. It’s different from most such star lamps it’s meant used during , just. a strong downward-focused light illuminate a specific area, but portion room dim enough stars drilled in dome through.

The Starry Light ordered during ’s, solstices northern hemisphere. But if really specific, specify a location date, exactly how looked place . Want date wife where stargazing all those years ago? do exactly that. Unfortunately, cost $1300 so.

Source: RedFerret

[ Starry Light lets constellations inside ]

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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control

Fans Doctor Who series would definitely many times over, so much so who engrossed might actually go down , which if single, but often chagrin other half because “good money” been wasted collectibles. Perhaps back so a spouse who Doctor Who series, which £69.95 Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control, no?

what gadget , be TV, iPod, compatible devices, do so gestures. There quartet Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control allow become a fully-fledged Time Lord – own mind,. Built 1:1 scale, t a true blue replica just s display shelf, where made scanning of David Tennant’s Tenth Sonic Screwdriver. Being licensed collectible Worldwide, who knows, be worth something many years down . The universal remote control part collectible used remote control codes one time, about that?
[ Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control ]

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ChargeLight does more than just light up your world

said home should own a torchlight own, a couple would be good, quite tell just when need to “call” upon it. Of course, there right amount (as well) along torchlights, otherwise be about ordinary paperweight. T one reasons why those h torchlights popular, although after a while, battery sort hold a charge any more – making unless there people around – one it, other /her hands. Not, a fair amount which attention zombie apocalypse, huge no-no. T where comes.

The ChargeLight comes couple which connected lives, namely power . T, portable LED flashlight light, but capability a battery pack about any USB device, , iPad, -powered devices among others. Not, come lightweight form factor also sleek, making snap around pocket, without having possibility batteries coming in picture.

The ChargeLight extremely low internal discharge rate, where capable over a year without having juiced up. LED lights off just how much battery life there , letting when power, glance. charge dock a USB adaptor, whichever floats . Oh yeah, itself a charging hub devices simultaneously. choose between 100%, 50% % light power based needs, -order at $99.99 a pop, t.

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[ ChargeLight does just light world ]

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70 unveiled

There cameras, there cameras. quite a large topic , , there too many different branches single article. Still, camera market much broken down in segments – digital camera, , Micro Four Thirds market. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70 said category, although be pretty niche segment, too, speaking, -FZ70 20mm wide-angle ,200mm (60X) long zoom. Not,.8-5.9 lens brightness, whether shooting video, either one bright even under low light conditions.

Apart from that, image stabilization would assure long zoom photos sharp from blur, while -FZ70 also delivers amazing Full HD 1080/60i video recording capability, courtesy ’s experience world leader broadcast video. Panasonic thrown unique microphone which away noise sound thanks stunning clarity Digital. In fact, t microphone zoom optical zoom coming from manner.

Underneath , find a new 16.1-megapixel high sensitivity MOS sensor engine high speed response picture quality, even sensitivity recording. T ensure able high speed burst shooting fps resolution, letting fleeting shooting opportunities together thanks speedy start-up time a second. Unfortunately world, pricing details remain seen, hope easy pockets!

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[ Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70 unveiled ]

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Friday, 19 July 2013

Tingling Electronic Spidey Sense Shirt

“My spider sense !” I am quite sure too familiar phrase, especially when a diet , ranging from comics trading cards, Marvel Clix (remember that? I blew a whole lot useless pieces today), cartoons, movies games. Well, if had one ’s amazing powers, spider sense would give tactical advantage against bullies, then easier $39.99 Tingling Electronic Spidey Sense Shirt rather than find a radioactive spider you.

T made possible thanks clip-on sensor equipped vibration motor which motion from 5 feet away. Turning – press four seconds, . Anything 5 feet away very slow pulse, while object gets closer, ’s frequency would increase, naturally. Powered couple batteries, sure whether detect punch fast enough. Still got reflexes though.
[ Tingling Electronic Spidey Sense Shirt ]

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New Trent Airbender Mini now available

So, decided spanking new iPad mini, all precautions remains free, until generation iPad mini arrives, so off iPad mini highest price possible? That a thought, but I prefer t – always best its purpose, using said device without any protective case protector so sully made device’s designers, then so be it, never mind very real possibility introducing shiny new device. Well, the New Trent Airbender Mini sort worlds, also ups ante mini owners, too.

Basically, Trent Airbender Mini touted portable case solution who want maximum protection iPad mini, regardless they are, whether they home, office outdoors. The outdoors? Yup, correct, t boy shock resistant case, thanks rubberized exterior which openings plugged, all offering full-body protection iPad mini without hindering usability.

Not, convenience removable iPad mini case screen protector, ensuring get beloved iPad mini, all without sacrificing screen sensitivity. Sporting low-profile, built-in keyboard, hook mini via Bluetooth, ensuring type out all those documents jiffy, ease . If interested, Trent Airbender Mini yours for $39.95 a pop.

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[ New Trent Airbender Mini ]

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HTC launches HTC One mini

Every single company would do well a flagship device own – a matter achievement, but one . After all, what point if a flagship capable best rest out there? HTC knows winner HTC One hands recent past, where picked rave reviews from press, but still, One was unable HTC deliver a stellar quarter when . Having said that, t HTC from moving right direction, announced One mini, keeping “mini me” theme manufacturers, Samsung especially, just love days.

The HTC One mini HTC’s ultimate 4.3” smartphone, after all, come BlinkFeed, HTC Zoe BoomSound, all features available HTC One flagship, too. The HTC One mini would continue same iconic design flow HTC One, where find 4.3” display eyes, while a powerful dual-core 1.4 GHz processor helps run proceedings from underneath . Not, also be powered most recent version Android operating system, where be accompanied Sense.

Coming Silver Black colors, One mini boasts striking aluminum unibody slim profile, looking premium regardless angle you’re starting from. Not, there HTC BoomSound, which ’s dual frontal stereo speakers less distortion detail, lovers Audio integration immersive audio next level. seen just how much One mini for, but tipped markets from August onwards, before a global rollout.

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[ HTC launches HTC One mini ]

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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Samsung launches ATIV Book 9 Lite in the US

If been lookout new notebook, been curious br a go simply because heard from other people, then might launched Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite? -sale, where Book 9 Lite comes beautiful design, delivers intelligent performance latest iteration. Let us check out just what capable post, shall we?

Looking sophisticated affordable, Book 9 Lite able users just about everything need connected, productive whenever they . h shelves from July 28th onwards, but t a pre-order now, right?.

The ATIV Book 9 Lite might even be mistaken Book 9, comes similar premium design identity, although boast a refined aerodynamic architecture been accentuated sophisticated Ash Black White color added dash , ensuring without having stylish.

The ATIV Book 9 Lite -edge technology, where among them include a ten-point touch-screen LCD display, a quad-core processor 128GB SSD, entire shebang tipping 0.5 lbs, while measuring less than thin, making ideal choice consumers travelers alike.

pick ATIV Book 9 Lite for $799.99 a pop if interested – shabby entry level Ultrabook , don’t so? Not, if use other Samsung devices like smartphones , be able a complete, integrated experience courtesy technology. SideSync able a synergy between Samsung’s mobile range, allowing users switch from working PC Galaxy smartphone through devices via USB, about that?

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[ Samsung launches ATIV Book 9 Lite US ]

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Superstar Popcorn Maker

Summer (at least folks living northern hemisphere,), mean one thing. A nice summer break store, all may care, work , but kids – summer time , pure . Not, summer plenty movies silver screen, vying hard earned money while having merchandise tie-ins food joints stores kids pester their parents all . What good movie if unable popcorn while , right? If a great home theater set , then the £16.99 Superstar Popcorn Maker would be addition kitchen, too.

The Superstar Popcorn Maker capable a dozen cups , taking a far less amount so compared average ad break. even been described the “easiest way popcorn universe”, being a mess- -free way a hungry army who seemingly love popcorn naturally. All in bowl, place t boy microwave, throw seasoning ’re good . Since no oil , would be fat-free .
[ Superstar Popcorn Maker ]

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Talking Ted R Rated Talking Mug

I do know who originally wanted their kids “Ted”, but after reading movie reviews online talking teddy bear whole lot compared average playground chatter, they decided different movie – which child friendly, too. I guess if one who enough Ted silver screen, , having a Ted-friendly mug office. I am referring specifically $17.99 Talking Ted R Rated Talking Mug, its name suggests, t mind own speak, but all R-rated speech, so do keep t kids, all right?

After all, a mug good if put whatever , And Talking Ted R Rated Talking Mug, throw, tea, hot chocolate, soup, vodka, moonshine, whatever drinkable liquid , friend Ted welcome it, being side a swig. How does Ted R Rated Talking Mug work? Every time a surface, Ted a phrase from , although 5 phrases which tend full words. powered trio 3LR44 batteries.
[ Talking Ted R Rated Talking Mug ]

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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Hue Animation Studio for Windows – Easy Claymation Fun

One fondest memories a kid my dad made a stop motion movie using new movie camera. We never had a movie camera before, did all sorts stuff, being a stop motion movie utilizing my Barbie dolls. 

There out there vintage photos editing, but much ability stop motion style movies without special equipment. Welcome the Hue Animation Studio, specifically designed so get right fun , t studio comes equipped feature film.

The set 5 complete flexible, plug , Hue HD webcam, built-in microphone. The flexibility camera position like, letting from above, behind front subject. upload films (that ready) , them friends.

The Hue Animation Studio .com camera, camera base, USB cable, modeling clay, quick start guide. The webcam comes, green, blue, pink, white and, its 89 bucks.
[ Hue Animation Studio – Easy Claymation Fun ]

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Domo Toaster

Some cartoon characters universal appeal , guess say Domo-kun , being t colored, rectangular character mouth almost body itself, armed pair equal number . If a purveyor things Domo-kun, then be interested out the $39.99 Domo Toaster, which a smile face every morning in morning toast!

The Domo Toaster toasting settings, where capable a couple one time. Do bear officially licensed product, so use any frills face suddenly just because a bootleg imitation without any quality control built process. Depending toaster setting choose, slightly brown scorch Domo’s lovely face on toast perfect start day.
[ Domo Toaster ]

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Swivl turns you into a master iPhone filmmaker

The iPhone’s camera throughout ’s several generations been quite end model among its rivals, but encouraging Windows Phone 8 camps caught up – surpassed ’s pho capabilities, leveling field somewhat aspect. Having said that, deny users out there who fans device, folks even figured out iPhone cameras enough beautiful moments. Why filmmaking talent next level £179.99 Swivl? The Swivl basically turns a one-man film crew.

allow capture all those precious memories professional looking manner, regardless shooting some action sports, a family member making a presentation, blockbuster film, get done automatically follows move. fully automated use -sensitive tracking technology, delivering full 360º horizontal-rotation and +10º/-20º vertical movement. its magic the ‘Marker’, which so happens a small lightweight sensor which on hand, letting base un home position. T whenever , Swivl (or , depending ). The Swivl Marker also function – a iOS Digital Microphone so productions filled clear audio.
[ Swivl turns a master iPhone filmmaker ]

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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Edifier Extreme Connect portable speaker

The kids who grew their teens era, spilling over in 1990s along , would certainly boombox culture, least, participated a culture. a time when there were no distractions such phones, do about posting positions social network way those photos down afterwards. What about today? Street dancing a popular past time, , good music complemented audio playback capability, which Extreme Connect intends . The Edifier Extreme Connect powerful portable speaker system unparalleled audio clarity regardless environment in, including large indoor spaces.

I guess nutshell, Extreme Connect described -in-one portable solution applications-free phone conferencing, if arises. T system able up (sans wires, ) Bluetooth enabled device – be they smartphones, tablets , where capable music, movies, games calls. I strongly suspect primary use Edifier Extreme Connect would be , so much conference call device.

where takes you, Edifier Extreme Connect fully portable form factor, where its built-in rechargeable battery non-stop audio playback time hours – I suppose even be longer than what . Other than that, also arrive microSD memory card slot 32GB , supports USB streaming a 3.5 auxiliary port. pick , blue, red, yellow shades for $99.99 a pop.

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[ Edifier Extreme Connect portable speaker ]

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New range of Android-powered Kurio devices revealed

Kurio share past, where -selling, award-winning Kurio 7 family tablet most recent one memories. Well, they introduced a spanking new range Android-powered devices – especially those. The models new range would be Touch 4s which happens a 4” handheld device, where 7s happens a 7” tablet, Kurio 10s obviously be a 10” tablet available exclusively “R” Us stores around .

The new family devices-generation, Wi-Fi enabled devices come latest technology (although relative, depending it), running latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system, comprehensive Kurio proprietary suite controls. Parents need about t range arriving empty handed, preloaded family-friendly content.

been said Kurio family solution, where kids able everything wanted tablet, too, a sigh knowing kids would remain safe online activities. Apart from Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, there be multi-core processor, a doubling internal storage space , parental controls boast stronger Internet filtering, additional granular app usage controls, time limits – all being able eight completely separate user profiles.

The Kurio Touch 4s, Kurio 7s tablet 10s tablet for $99.99, $149.99, and $249.99, respectively, from August t onwards – except Kurio 4s 7s which available everywhere from September 2013.

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[ New range -powered Kurio devices revealed ]

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CulCharge ensures you always have a way to charge your phone

I remember being back school, math teacher tell us able solve problems, because ’t carry a calculator everywhere when out in real world. While those lessons were good ones, almost everyone does rather powerful calculator pocket. In fact, most can’t seem parted from our smartphones. So what happens when you’re office, phone , charger?

If carrying the CulCharge, then USB port phone juiced up. The CulCharge smallest USB chargers around, measures 6cm long. At, it’s small enough keychain, unnoticed. It’s even thin enough in wallet, without causing a bulge.

Due small size, they aren’t able multiple connectors on CulCharge. You’ll need a separate one type . They available, MiniUSB, 30-pin iPhone, plugs, depending need. If campaign, you’ll be able one $9, unless you’re after 5′s Lightning connector, case, you’ll need $15 (due increased costs associated).
[ CulCharge ensures way ]

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Saturday, 6 July 2013

$30,000 Nikon DSLR “symphony” creates music for the soul

The eyes might be ’s soul, but music – music key one’s heart, potent memory trigger . Some associate certain songs moments lives, ranging from joyous, sure , just shaped various societies over few millennia. Having said that, artists lookout new kinds from yet untested methods, t a certain Benjamin Von Wong bunch cameras so a symphony stirring photographer’s soul ( curious onlookers, too, I am sure).

Benjamin Von Wong enlisted Professional Services (NPS) Andrew Kesler, where $30,000 worth gear (from Nikon, ) was then used a song. All 14 cameras were used making “Nikon Symphony”, where most were part Nikon range D4 all through D5200.

The sounds were created functions camera, functions would range from Live View switching off mirror flipping down, where even some annoying camera beeps do make their way in composition.

What other zany ways new kinds via use items? certainly take a creative spark, a quite sure, someone else might want Symphony using other digital cameras which version sounds better. Heck, even end some sort ad warfare, don’t so?

[ $30,000 Nikon DSLR “symphony” creates music soul ]

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3D Printed Cast could assist in recovery process

For those who experience through process after breaking one (or more) limbs, know feeling whenever (or limb) cast. These tend bulky most time, also double a blank canvas good, although some ones among might just opt embarrassing sketches instead without having . The thing is, those payoffs healing process bone sets properly, while plaster variants also do their job well without costing leg, which indirectly results whole lot less investment where innovation . Jake Evill something about after being saddled plaster cast few months himself, where the “smelly plaster” bothered him so much, he decided solution own. Voila! A 3D-printed brace which would able arm.

T printed brace might remain a concept press time, but Evill’s Cortex (as he it) might just extremely bright future ahead , thanks being-localized exoskeleton which , but washable, ventilated .

Evill was inspired out t after doing some research human bone, trabecular – tiny lattice-shaped structures which form tissue bone, design he had been looking t. Evill said, “ t structure pattern because,, nature best answers. T shape embodied strong whilst light just like protecting within.”

Hopefully t, less ventilated material circles future, , Jake Evill a big round .

[ 3D Printed Cast could assist process ]

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Log Flume Joust Pool Float

Do fond memories Gladiator? If answered affirmative, then certainly be pleased back $34.99 Log Flume Joust Pool Float. T definitely a log would seeing floating around, pool does shut down. In fact, Flume Joust Pool Float said inflation device whenever half dispute – why do so fun energetic manner?

Of course, be a whole lot better if get household favorite “gladiator”, two joust against one another, seeing who wet first. The loser would obviously man evening’s BBQ, clean rest eating utensils, too, which should be incentive enough sure end . Each purchase comes pair similar number , although recommend would get a foot pump instead out inflating these.
[ Log Flume Joust Pool Float ]

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