Saturday, 24 August 2013

Razer Atrox Super Street Fighter IV AE Collector’s Edition Arcade Stick lets you pound your opposition with ease

razer-atrox-ssfIf there was one award Razer Atrox Super Street Fighter IV AE Collector’s Edition Arcade Stick peripherals, happen judging panel, I would let the “Longest Gaming Peripheral Name” award. Seriously, let us just call Razer Atrox’s sake story, referring full name joystick so. Working alongside Capcom, Atrox peripheral who happen 360. definitely be a welcome addition gaming peripheral arsenal who most iconic fighting, where Atrox come specially made faceplate which depict revered characters game.

I am quite sure Atrox possession, be able out level performance, unless already maxed out level able poor performances gaming circuit. Let us dive in Atrox offers – feature premium quality Sanwa components, accompanied highly responsive buttons precision eight-way joystick so out those damaging combos , game, reliable manner without having level. Specially created purposes, Razer Atrox platform button, so tastes styles.

The Razer Atrox Street Fighter IV AE Collector’s Edition Arcade Stick 360 for $199.99 a pop, should arrive later t who.

[ Razer Atrox Super Street Fighter IV AE Collector’s Edition Arcade Stick lets ]

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iHeart Diary Electronic Locket for the modern day diary author

iheartWe something called the iHeart Dock past, but t around, here $24.99 iHeart Diary Electronic Locket which something different, would weird if iPod on necklace, no? That would be one large necklace place, iHeart Diary Electronic Locket which sex would definitely appreciate – allows pen down unconventional way. All , will “write” down what .

Just how does ? Basically, Diary Electronic Locket functions key electronic diary. All push a button locket, a special code iHeart Locket Diary App which free download. T app would enable shoot photos, capture voice memos , among others, so all pleasant memories tucked away. Android device owners t out, iOS devices.
[ iHeart Diary Electronic Locket modern day diary author ]

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Mirror 180 lets you make the most of your small space


If house single bathroom, then , you’re getting ready. Hopefully one isn’t actually using , but we’ve all been there before, so I won’t judge. But when you’re both trying ready, be hard a mirror same time, especially if it’s large one. So what do ? Get a mirror.

The Mirror 180 gets its name from half mirror slightly differently. T two people standing next other themselves, despite being quite. Of course, ’t use like , also just be a decorative piece house, if that’s .

The circular mirror 20” diameter, a simple wood backing hang one different angles. Unfortunately definitely priced like a piece , at $280. That’s a pretty penny wood pieces .

Source: CraziestGadgets

[ Mirror 180 lets small space ]

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

AirPhysics Hands-Free Hair Dryer

physics-hand-dryerI do admit, one best h used would be from Dyson – Airblade, would be nice if Dyson could come hair dryers such a br, too, am quite sure be able quick time without causing unnecessary damage along . Until arrives, however, one make do many hair drying solutions market. How about a hands-free version allow be while washed hair ? T where the $179.99 AirPhysics Hands-Free Hair Dryer comes.

First developed stylist owner who than 32 years , 1500W Hands-Free Hair Dryer able about any hard surface, be easily activated a touch button, allowing both hands free , brush even dries. Not, -Free Hair Dryer happens extremely versatile, letting if habits , using a traditional handheld blow dryer. Each purchase would be accompanied couple attachments – namely, Finisher.
[ AirPhysics Hands-Free Hair Dryer ]

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iPhone Storage Case – No Purse? No Problem


I never carry a purse. I hate them. I fondle all I want while shopping. ’t leave my hands free phone packages, , there’s always . (… happened ) I’m pretty much a shove cred pocket kind girl, most appropriate way things either…

Welcome Storage Case, saving people like me, from lost keys, cash cards one phone time. T little case comes hidden storage compartment cards . Made quality polycarbonate nifty rubber coating nice matte finish non-slip grip storage case hinged backplate space least three credit-sized cars cash.

The iPhone Storage case allows right in, fastens securely allows easy access important controls. With cases 4/4S 5, Storage Case comes wide variety including chartreuse, black, orange, pink, purple, red includes a little mirror, all 25 bucks. How go wrong? Get one today from our friends at behind.
[ iPhone Storage Case – No Purse? No Problem ]

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ThermaCell Rechargeable Heated Insole keeps your toes from freezing


August month where you’re thinking about ways yourself cool. However, months aren’t quite off think. Before long you’ll be dragging out , thick coats, . While there most body warm, there things seem , no matter what . Your feet. What little technology t.

The ThermaCell Rechargeable Heated Insole promises without being too intrusive. The insoles come different sizes, be trimmed down shoe (so you’ll want than you’ll need). With remote, select one settings: Off, medium, . Medium 100 degrees (Fahrenheit), while high kicks things 111 degrees.

These insoles don’t come cheap, range from around $100 to $200, depending size . However, if environment where you’re exposed cold time every day, be well worth .

[ ThermaCell Rechargeable Heated Insole keeps from freezing ]

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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Leash Plus brings an update to the good ol’ leash

leash-plusDo best friend? After all, don’t ’s best friend deserves best, too? Leaving Fido chained fence no fun, ’re better placing him home him if . who treat our dogs, know them adequate exercise important mental energy, having a good quality leash comes – so dog would hurt, h Fido suddenly dash forward. The $18.99 Leash Plus might be something worth looking into, , but deemed “puppy-approved” .

Thanks revolutionary design been applied Leash Plus, include a pop-up water bowl, a storage bin, a baggie receptacle bags thrown in mix right away, a LED safety flashlight powered trio batteries, clock so know time back home, locking button 16 foot retractable leash. Choose from Midnight, Yellow/Green, Plum colors, although do well bottle separately quite tell just when these .
[ Leash Plus brings good ol’ leash ]

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iPad Musical Shower Curtain

ipad-shower-curtainI chairs before, but most out there, musical chairs refer kid – although sometimes be used situation office these days. How about musical shower curtains? Now something different, $49.95 iPad Musical Shower Curtain something s change stops, but rather, feature integrated speakers waterpro inside.

T definitely be able shower session in truly entertaining session. Since zips would be closed from , ensure iPad within would be safe from moisture, while sporting audio cable hook, iPhone, Android-powered phone, player couple upper left corners curtain. The side pocket out touch-enabled material so able media, navigate through different screens handle a call if arises. The iPad Musical Shower Curtain powered trio batteries.
[ iPad Musical Shower Curtain ]

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Hi! Magnetic Voice Recorder

hi-recorderFor generation out there, a reminder family members, than standard Post-. The thing is, if ’t broke, don’t fix it. Good thing us humans enterprising lot – out there love ( succeed), which there existence £12.99 Hi! Magnetic Voice Recorder come shades.

With ! Magnetic Voice Recorder, be able record own messages max out seconds (definitely better than a 6 second video, don’t so?), allowing be, remorseful like. Made out extremely soft silicone rubber, when accompanied handy magnetic back, be able home’s fridge rest family what kind -second message day. All single press button , ’re good .
[ Hi! Magnetic Voice Recorder ]

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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Adult Size Big Wheel Trike will let you drift like a kid again


There were a lot remember having kid. Many I play with, even if I don’t get quite enjoyment from them did during my youth. There’s one outgrew many years ago, however, can’t play with, due size. I’m talking, , about my Big Wheel. That thing was great. If I wanted was peeling out, I’d just start pedaling could from . But was building speed, then turning .

If you’ve been looking youth, you’ll be happy High Roller Adult Size Big Wheel Trike exists. T Wheels rode. The frame duty steel, rather than plastic t around. The 26” front tire , traction than . However, ” wheels back molded plastic, so slide just like to.

Being a kid again doesn’t come cheap, however. T toy comes very adult price. Currently Size Big Wheel Trike just under $650. The seat that’s 5’2” ’6”, lbs.

Source: NerdApproved
[ Adult Size Big Wheel Trike like a kid again ]

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BoostTurbine 4000 lets you literally crank out power


Keeping charged pretty important task. After all, these days our smartphones our lifeline rest world. Most people can’t be without theirs than, without worrying’re missing important messages, emails,. So what do when you’re situation where , simply don’t outlet? Well, sometimes power.

This BoostTurbine 4000 backup battery pack simply holds some juice phone. a h allow recharge without needing . So how much power does get you? The company says minute four-minute call, few texts, though depend much power uses.

T 4000 large enough battery most smartphones two times over. And if cranking h’t necessary, ’t limited . still charge a USB port PC, a wall adapter. own $80.

Source: ChipChick
[ BoostTurbine 4000 lets crank out power ]

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Tile – Tells You Where it’s At


I recently told about iTrail, a nifty little electronic what , (or pets) to. I feel pretty prepared tabs. What I mastered ability track keys, phone ! If I had a dollar time I had family “has anyone seen my….?” I’d be a very rich woman indeed.

Well, here comes gizmo named Tile rescue, a very small electronic tag self contained speaker easily let . (So no it, find battery .) The associated Tile app, saves place were, watch yourself get closer away during , helping easily zero .

Set simple, grab out box, the “e”, then go Tile app iPhone. Tiles hung from, like a keychain,   be dropped in purse, stuck like a phone. use 10 Tiles account, from other phones (I wondered about how work if I lost use info) about 150 feet, but The interesting concept tracking device picked anyones nearby Tile, so could become limitless, assuming enough people get.

The Tiles expensive about a year, but vow replacements less expensive goes on, face really 3. Hey! Has anyone seen my wallet? Pre-order under 20 bucks at
[ Tile – Tells it’s At ]

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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

HypnoSquare could help calm you down

hypnosquareEvery work desk space needs its very own share , reflects who outside world. Of course, while humorous among us might than normal, others would want a soothing presence – be a row balls, a picture, about this $129.99 HypnoSquare? The HypnoSquare happens light display which onlookers using a never-ending cycle . see its “magic” work , 64 color-changing LEDs right away, creating a tranquil spectacle.

Not, all one way traffic, since able full use playback controls , those who too interested people, just leave own, delivers a continuous, calming effect. The HypnoSquare comes 8″ x 8″ color-changing display encased lacquered black wood frame, where capable 4,096 colors thanks 64 RGB (color changing) LEDs. There+ distinct visualizations + transition effects from, but unfortunately, internal battery, but plugged in AC outlet.
[ HypnoSquare could help calm ]

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Infrared Pain Relieving Wrap

infrared-pain-relieving-wrapAs older, our bodies start down – fact , one which no one from. The thing is, many mythical fountain over avail, simply because there such thing. Eventually, death would catch us all, but before arrives, body all over due reasons – a sports injury, chronic pain, here tool just help particularly painful situation – the $199.95 Infrared Pain Relieving Wrap.

The Infrared Pain Relieving Wrap happens a flexible wrap integrated LEDs which together far infrared therapy so pain. The kind used was developed astronauts’ injuries, making blood circulation, relieving swelling, tight muscles parts body. In fact, LED far infrared therapy depicted study Children’s Hospital painful inflammation %. Your arms nice when using Pain Relieving Wrap, since secure itself back, knee, shoulder, arm, thanks 40″-long flexible strap.
[ Infrared Pain Relieving Wrap ]

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Check you meal’s sodium levels with The Handy Salt Meter


The older , just how much be paying attention food put body. out how many calories we’re eating, then cholesterol, , you’ll even be looking sodium content meal. However, when you’re restaurant, able a straight answer about just how much salt . If a health condition knowing t, you’ll need a little extra help finding t.

The Handy Salt Meter thing you’ll find content dish. stick , wa few seconds, LED indicate contained within. The results color-coded, so easily see just how dangerous are.

There device, unfortunately. T , liquid foods, due takes readings. So no poking how salty is, like that. The Handy Salt Meter just under $20.

Source: Technabob
[ Check ’s sodium levels Handy Salt Meter ]

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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Doom Razor Attacknid R/C Combat Creatures

doom-arachnidRemote controlled toys become a whole lot than ever before, thanks massive advancements made world . I remember back day when I was still a little kid running around snot oozing down my nostril, there was t move its hands vertically, while direction flat surface until , where base change direction. Well, fast forward second decade 21st century, such $79.99 Doom Razor Attacknid R/C Combat Creatures.

The Doom Razor Attacknid R/C Combat Creatures allows scuttle in six legs, where extremely maneuverable body. Boasting a Bolt n’ Battle weapons system which a dissector disc attachment discs, all red combat armor in. The half dozen legs 360 degree rotating head would let havoc, just make sure Battle Brain does h times, otherwise curtains Attacknid. Half a dozen AA batteries shebang, so rechargeables would be highly recommended.
[ Doom Razor Attacknid R/C Combat Creatures ]

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Lying Down Laptop Stand lets you surf while you recline


There lot computer, especially if a laptop. set a traditional desk, . curl couch, lap, use one standing desks, sure’re too lazy. But what if extremely lazy, while laying down? You’re going a very special st that.

The Laying Down Laptop Stand does exactly what think. use while laying down flat bed. You’ll just need stand, rotate angle. Now, just climb underneath it, comfortable while . Now, I’m sure just how comfortable be, hands raised you. I guess be alright if a mouse bed, ’re much typing, watching YouTube videos. Regardless you’re wanting , this $95 st help it.

[ Lying Down Laptop St while ]

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Doctor Who TARDIS Collectors Watch is worthy of a Time Lord


It’s amazing how a TV show years, seem . Few shows been air long, but none same cult following Who. While two decades without any new episodes (save TV movie 90′s), following grown since -launched. And now, 50th anniversary series coming up, some special memorabilia Whovian .

Since Time Lord, it’s should be celebrated watch. While a pocket watch might seem , I’m really impressed TARDIS Collectors Watch put together. The leather straps blue, featuring . John Ambulance logo, other showing white Police Box sign. The case polished chrome, face features a beautiful Galliyfreyan print.

The price works out around $227, which sounds about right finely crafted watch, officially licensed Doctor Who collectable. Each unique serial number box. pre-order yours now, though they won’t ship until . If away, you’ll need someone real TARDIS.

Source: RedFerret

[ Doctor Who TARDIS Collectors Watch Time Lord ]

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Monday, 5 August 2013

The Any Surface Full Body Massage Pad

surface-massagehow when had a particularly long day – all out aches accumulated from all stress goes away. If remembered particular massage after office, would be better positioned ’s work ahead . Well, , if one cannot go mountain, why ? With the $199.95 Any Surface Full Body Massage Pad, be able muscles wilt away, regardless home.

After all, no particular reason. No sir, Surface Full Body Massage Pad happens one flexible massage pad which offers relaxing, full-body massage surfaces, would include beds, couches,. be different from typical massage pads which a kind , unbroken surface , particular bad boy different points, enabling drape a lounger, chair, piece /reclining furniture. come individual 2″-thick foam-cushioned sections so surface sans pressure points. The pad itself boasts -in massaging motors which , upper back, lower back, , tethered remote. Too bad ’t serve beck .
[ The Any Surface Full Body Massage Pad ]

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