Monday, 10 June 2013

Rapid Composter

To say inclined care environment these days true statement, although still varies. In fact, some minded folks modifications lifestyle, such organic food, installing a solar powered panel ro their homes, car like Prius. Apart from that, they also do their b enzymes stuff. Making compost help nourish , all leftovers . The thing is, composting pretty time consuming, so who live instant noodles era find like the $299.95 Rapid Composter.

The Rapid Composter would feature a unique aerating core walls which process. Instead half a year like standard composters matter, t requires weeks, without requiring turn make any intervention. All lid wet kitchen waste, . The cone shapes ventilating core air pockets, letting air flow directions, while 1.5” insulated walls which heat, regardless season moment.
[ Rapid Composter ]

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Microsoft Xbox One priced at $499 for a November 2013 release

like generation video war up, Microsoft Xbox One announced 2013, bringing along a whole lot compared long ago when Microsoft presented a glimpse next generation console. Here quick skinny – One arriving US later t, where be accompanied $499 price tag which could very well make decent holiday season purchase. T means roughly five One if want its launch titles a go, too.

There number be released Xbox One, kicked off t’s E3 event viewing highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain trailer, featuring a younger Snake sorts scenarios, including riding horse. Revolver Ocelot does patch just yet, meaning he whole lot younger. Other titles which one would be sales winner, Halo, 4. If Roman general leading a garrison in against , then be pleased : Son would offer such. Perhaps Roman Empire was due fact could “rise”. I jest!

Apart from One, folks who prefer route would be able Xbox 360 model, where design started today across , UK, Canada, Irel Australia, Xbox regions receiving model coming months, further extending cycle Xbox 360 while more. The new Xbox 360 does seem a looker regardless angle , see a pricing tier change 4GB, 250GB Kinect Bundle go for $199.99, $299.99, and $299.99, respectively.

[ Microsoft Xbox One priced at $499 November 2013 release ]

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MacBook Air (2013) announced at WWDC 2013

Earlier t, there different events captured around – from perspective. First, there Angeles be said video annual basis, fans bitten fruit, cravings what Tim Cook say 2013 Francisco. Well, patience what new hardware cooked time around off, with Cupertino announcing new MacBook Air model market .

Needless , Air long overdue revision, Schiller, Apple’s head , took responsibility a couple models. These be immediately available, although be able t Monday, starting usual $999 point. Needless , ’t find too many folks picking soon-to-be-obsolete MacBook Air between today Monday, chance patience , “good things come who wait.”

Just what kind improvements new generation MacBook Air models bring? We all day battery life, fourth generation Intel Core processors graphics, 802.11ac Wi-Fi storage which touted 45% faster compared previous generation. The 13″ MacBook Air from a new lower price of $1,099, which would certainly make accessible masses does their b fend off Ultrabook market 8.

We hours life 11″ ″ MacBook Air models, respectively, generation 802.11ac Wi-Fi thrown Intel HD Graphics 5000 chipset which allows Air 40% faster performance intensive apps. Other hardware specifications include dual microphones, a FaceTime HD camera, a high-speed Thunderbolt port couple 3.0 ports, display support mirroring thrown good measure.

[ MacBook Air (2013) announced 2013 ]

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Sunday, 9 June 2013

LED Ladder Toss

All right, t one who experiencing winter right now (sorry folks southern hemisphere!), where some good old fashioned family fun garden $49.99 LED Ladder Toss. T version classic outdoor family game, twist name device.

Each time manage one red bolas, they l within via glow sticks, , fun, scoring ladder too miss out glowing action, thanks light emanating from energy efficient LED lights. Individual ladder rungs l a different color, where green top scoring bar, blue middle one, red, well better than nothing although scoring bar.

Each purchase couple Ladders, three pairs bolas accompanied equal number sticks, carrying bag. The entire shebang requires a dozen AAA batteries run, so want batteries long run.
[ LED Ladder Toss ]

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Wide Coverage LED Pain Reliever

So factor , but t should continue time from . Well, the $199.95 Wide Coverage LED Pain Reliever developed astronauts’ injuries, where its name since cover a wide 3.5″-diameter area help LEDs safe infrared heat. That thing does, however, capable blood circulation, relieving swelling, tight muscles.

In fact, study’s Hospital , technology was successful painful inflammation %. different from heating pads which injuries located just below ’s surface, LED light able deep in relief from muscle aches. The device itself placed skin.25″ above , where pain few treatments. Sporting a brush-shaped design lightweight, obviously easy around .
[ Wide Coverage LED Pain Reliever ]

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Friday, 7 June 2013

Cambridge Audio announces Minx Go

When speakers, I guess say particular segment market tremendously over simply because greater degree device adoption among , mention better battery technology which naturally results battery life, advancement capability embedded about every modern day mobile device like smartphones . Having said that, wireless speakers boomboxes were previous, bygone era, Audio intends new reign portable wireless speakers Minx Go.

The Minx Go high performance, portable Bluetooth speaker capable deeply expansive, crystal clear audio. Similar Cambridge Audio product, Go ’s design DNA thanks design team who. The Minx Go acoustically loaded array premium quality speakers latest Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, ensuring ears be treated power times, without taking much space no matter where . What would most probably be impressive feat Minx Go would be bass out, possible thanks Bass Radiator been neatly integrated in rear panel.

Just how long Minx Go last? Well, a battery life hours, which enough entire day out, even stretching in wee hours night. From a flat battery, just a couple , being recharged, even allow charge a tablet thanks integrated USB charging port. be able from high gloss black colors $149 Minx Go.

[ Cambridge Audio announces Minx Go ]

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PocketStrings Portable Guitar Practice Tool

what they say – practice makes perfect. If happen verge out band, but somehow lack factor, perhaps order. Of course, sheer amounts alone guarantee skills would be able a guitar god, need adequate opportunities skills a musician. Well, if just starting out guitar player, perhaps want the $29.99 PocketStrings Portable Guitar Practice Tool training tool instead real guitar, highly portable nature device allows get about anywhere without bothering others.

be accompanied guitar strings a realistic practice session, thing is, guitar. The PocketStrings Portable Guitar Practice Tool enough gig bag without weighing when . Sliding a section guitar neck frets , you’re done, just slide ’re well way.
[ PocketStrings Portable Guitar Practice Tool ]

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Marinade Infusing Meat Tenderizer

Father’s Day around , so want family special. After all, hasn’t dad busted over all these years best family? Assuming tradition a cook-out’s Day, being cook home makes hamburgers, how about a present needs around (aka tie), but rather, the $49.95 Marinade Infusing Meat Tenderizer?

be a gizmo , particular meat tenderizer able food. T made possible thanks built-in plunger which marinade in through a trio -like applicators, where quickly saturating enhancing ingredients. A total seven stainless steel blades would do tough connective tissue, softening process. Capable 3 oz. (which kitchen challenged, 2 lbs. steak), blades two depth settings optimal penetration roasts. Not, when about its job, ’s thickness.
[ Marinade Infusing Meat Tenderizer ]

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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Bleep Drum Kit

Fancy picking drum k call ? While there a fair number out there market, here just short, but. I am referring $59.99 Bleep Drum Kit, where it, er, bleeping rocks! The Bleep Drum K be accompanied quartet (two control), a loop recorder, slew features. All need going would be speaker, .

The Bleep Drum K be said cool drum kit, where a snap together, get started right out box a cinch. Heck, comes Hyper Noise 30XX mode, about that? Do pay attention though – required yourself, so if a rocking good time, make sure those speakers quality.
[ Bleep Drum Kit ]

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SONTE Film delivers Wi-Fi enabled digital shade

Have watched a science fiction movie how would? If answered affirmative, then know ideas-fi movies made real life, aspects before past would be from being opaque a second, all push button. nice day technology caught t “dream”, thanks folks over Film who a free smartphone app which enables users SONTE Film “on” whenever others office checking out what doing, turn it “off” windows. Pretty handy like police headquarters, especially questioning room, don’t so?

Apart from that, users able advantage rather unique app a room’s privacy remotely, paving -minute energy savings . SONTE Film’s customizable digital shade snap , easy pockets, doubling a projection screen along .

Needless , be sure particular Wi-Fi enabled digital shade first kind world, digital shade launched amount homes, assuming all goes well. I think major advantage am quite sure most housemaids – having a digital shade would mean kissing goodbye dust , which but time consuming.

[ SONTE Film delivers Wi-Fi enabled digital shade ]

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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Sony VAIO Duo 13 announced

Sony serious about making a mark Ultrabook market, took Sony VAIO Duo 13 slider hybrid Ultrabook 2013. ’s first foray in Ultrabook market, am pretty sure means too, be either. In a nutshell, say VAIO Duo 13 slider hybrid Ultrabook able a multitude use solutions thanks unique form factor accurate pen solutions.

I guess less say highlight Sony VAIO Duo 13 would be its unique Surf Slider design which enables one a quick transition between slate modes., slide back while still mode so hidden keyboard , where be accompanied touch pad. If its original position afterwards, Duo 13 mode, where touch manipulation means instead.

The Sony VAIO Duo 13 boasts standby technology which its fair share ., Duo 13’s constant connection internet, even when mode, would allow update applications inbox date without missing a beat. Not, waking VAIO Duo 13 from sleep takes under a second, letting a whole lot than would Ultrabooks.

Other hardware features include-megapixel camera “Exmor RS” image sensor, panel allows writing experience, TRILUMINOS Display full HD display, audio enhancing ClearAudio+ mode among others. No word, but be available from t onwards.

[ Sony VAIO Duo 13 announced ]

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Sony VAIO Pro 13/11 announced

Here another couple from people over, VAIO Pro 13/11 being announced. These were claimed touch capable Ultrabooks respective classes, don’t suppose clever implementation fiber case had anything an “achievement”, hmmm? The touch enabled VAIO Pro 11 would tip 870 grams, while enabled VAIO Pro 13 wee b down scale mere 1.060 kg.

Regardless particular model for, Pro 13/11 uni-direction carbon fiber body -shell design durability which mobile computers tend . Not, being lightweight does – no sir, Japanese firm also brings a comfortable typing experience VAIO Pro 13/11 a wide key pitch extremely natural typing experience. Apart from that, Pro 13/11 make use unique palm rest gradually merges in, delivering virtually unrivaled comfort while typing.

Your eyes would also be happy Display, letting a wide palette natural colors courtesy ’s BRAVIA expertise. Merge t a full HD display ’s super resolution technology, X-Reality, sure displays Ultrabooks a lesser configuration would certainly be a dampener, especially when swells Ultrabook – where visuals. Both models available sometime later t, although pricing details determined.

[ Sony VAIO Pro 13/11 announced ]

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iGlo LED Light Set – Year Long Holiday Lighting

Sure, I know it’s a little early talking about holiday lighting, my neighbors lights, they them down? Either way they’re six months in ridiculously enthusiastic, lazy… I’m leaning towards , I really never liked them anyway. But they got me thinking about holiday lighting.

I’m excited some new tech Christmas display t holiday season LED lights. Offering real time special effects, controls right iPhone Fire, via WIFi specially designed LED light strip, which manipulate air, screen to “paint” light effects.

T light show doesn’t need limited , since change , why some backlighting, , Halloween, Fourth . Do some special lighting effects car…Heck, like these, be neighborhood if them burning all year, you’ll just appear uber festive.

Originally designed lighting,  LED set customizable, comes , connected max feet per chain, associated app multiple chains. So turn in dance floor, tent in color morphing wonderland, put white twinkly lights . Buy them 300 bucks at, but check at, way before not-just-for-Christmas lights expensive.
[ iGlo LED Light Set – Year Long Holiday Lighting ]

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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

IGGI Signal Pod

Whenever bicycle, do all motorists users able telepathic link heading. In fact, always better side , includes wearing kind , making sure lights strips good working order, works. Well, when a turn busy road, most cyclists would just extend their h wave after making sure motorcycles about them ( , avoid a nasty collision), but here gadget greater control over signal , but also a whole lot – especially when cycling dark conditions. I am referring £12.95 IGGI Signal Pod.

T a wireless indication system which would enable road fully, environment around them turn . The POD able from un rear cycle, batteries last, . a snap up, while -bright LED display ensures sober should be able left clearly. Not, hazard light option disposal.

[ IGGI Signal Pod ]

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Ten iPad Charging Bay

So house where just about every head under own one Apple device, be smartphone tablet. Assuming most folks there settle iPad portable computing needs, then know these iPads individually be a hassle. Since all one big happy family, how about having a communal charging point instead? Splash a little b money $899.95 Ten iPad Charging Bay.

Yes sir, I am quite sure read – talking about charging bay capable ,,, heck – five, but a whopping ten iPads simultaneously. T home based iPad charging stations, , picked gong iF Product Design Award. The Ten iPad Charging Bay compact cabinet tablets . Inside lies slots iPads regardless generation, ports located right below tablets using their charging cables. Whenever a MacBook via USB cable, synchronize 10 iPads simultaneously too, making sure version program.

[ Ten iPad Charging Bay ]

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USB Mini Android Doll Mist Humidifier

All winter ’s our homes , drying out our sinuses, skin , a brief respite arrival , shut ourselves air conditioners off heat. I hate feeling parched all . Maybe I need somewhere like Seattle, nice there…

Or I could just get myself Android Doll Humidifier, just companion home, car, t little green guy via USB connection a cool, ultrasonic moisturizing mist hours single fill.

WIth its familiar green color, light, moveable little arms, smile, Android friend about 3 half inches tall, add some comfort promoting humidity, mention, some style once stuffy office cubical.

The Android Doll Humidifier a little over 8 ounces , comes complete cable, replacement wicks, hours time, but ’t seem ,, so if need a h, t guy may.

The USB Humidifier may be just feeling parched , whatever , one 40 bucks from

[ USB Mini Android Doll Mist Humidifier ]

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Monday, 3 June 2013

Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook announced

Every company needs a flagship device , never mind flagship device going units “bread ” models so ., Mercedes Benz S Class range brand, while BMW 7 Series. When world , Acer’s previous champion, Aspire S7 itself a decent performer, especially 180-degree display capability. Well, Acer t around 2013 a next-generation version 13.3-inch Aspire S7 Ultrabook which characteristics predecessor, but new Aspire S7 introduce improved battery life-day computing, a refined electroluminescent (EL) backl a typing experience, generation Acer TwinAir cooling quieter than ever before, wireless display (WiDi) technology which big-screen entertainment .

The Acer Aspire S7-392 ’s first 10-point touch WQHD display, where be accompanied technology out impressive 2,560 x 1,440 resolution in 13.3-inch screen. Not, ought consistent colors angles 170 degrees IPS display, even comes touch benefits offered 8, ability touch-enabled screen S7 full 180° moments when a presentation across .

Other hardware specifications include dual-array microphones, Acer’s proprietary PurifiedVoice technology, a 4th generation Intel Core processor RAID 0 solid state drive wakeup /write times. The entire shebang tips mere 1.3kg, measures just 12.9mm thin, being made out materials a dual-torque, T-shape hinge frame design wobble-free touch use. With a Gorilla Glass 2 surface smooth touch, t S7 Ultrabook a thing , where prices from €1,450 onwards t.

[ Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook announced ]

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Asus Transformer Book Trio at Computex 2013

Computex 2013 place where a fair number out kinds store market coming year, there a fair number manufacturers from Taiwan itself, no surprise them make full use “home ground” advantage, being one companies out Transformer Book Trio. As see image above, seem a regular Ultrabook, but, Transformer Book Trio comes form innovative combination , tablet PC aim unparalleled flexibility, play, activity.

Just what kind does Asus Transformer Book Trio pack underneath ? Well, one thing sure – way where graphical prowess , especially when t deemed NVIDIA Tegra 4 tablet market stunning 2560 x 1600 resolution display. Apple would certainly concerned new class devices hegemony tablet market .

The Asus Transformer Book Trio, name suggests, three-in-one mobile device a world’s first. Boasting.6” detachable display operating systems, Book Trio would transform mobile flexibility effortlessly between a Windows 8 notebook, Android tablet 8 desktop PC. Different operating systems would mean access than 700,000 apps Google Play Store 50,000 apps Windows Store.

The PC Station dock itself sports its own 4th generation Intel Core i7 processor, keyboard hard drive, display , still work external display so functions desktop PC. Not, Station also doubles a charger tablet battery life. The tablet itself boasts 2.0 GHz Intel Atom processor 16:9 aspect ratio IPS display HD 1920 x 1080 resolution storage. Seems interesting times , no?

[ Asus Transformer Book Trio 2013 ]

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The Chillsner – Coolest BEER Gadget

I think everyone but me forward . I mean, I’d like summer if all I had was relax poolside a few beers… but even that’s much fun could be, sweaty little beer bottle warming itself sun. Beer be cold. Really cold. What’s a girl ?

Check out , made same folks us , first ever drink-through beer bottle chiller. grab around 45 minutes, suffer through a sip lukewarm beverage (in order room Chillsner) w , making sure a tight seal… ! A frosty cold brew.

The Chillsner steel, proprietary cooling gel contains specially designed flow vents beer delivery smoother, colder consistent. The sturdy seal allows airtight connection, so drink without dribbling, come , so freeze one, use one, never ending cycle goodness.

The Chillsner barbecues , get togethers like me, who like their beer get pop. So get set a set 30 buck over at Hmm.. beer ice pops, am I on here? Didn’t think so.

[ The Chillsner – Coolest BEER Gadget ]

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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Futurist’s Hand Activated iPhone Speaker

Are all iPhone speakers created equal? The easy answer would be no, but any rationale behind response? Of course, say dictates so, but time someone asks particular question, here response sure of – them towards the $199.95 Futurist’s H iPhone Speaker. Yes sir, ’s H iPhone Speaker certainly does its b evoke a futuristic vision singularity, where able a docked iPhone using h.

I know, I know, t old hat Galaxy S4 owners out there considering also able S4 aspects using h, is, S4 need docked first place. Ah well, Apple cannot be forefront day technology all , ? some lose some. Sporting a sentient atmospheric lifting body, infrared sensors installed side streamlined, aerodynamic fuselage able h volume, while third sensor located port side speaker pauses tracks. Yet another sensor nose off. be paired iPhone over Bluetooth, where robust sound 5-watt tweeter “jet” speakers down-firing 10-watt bass-reflex subwoofer. Of course, just h , there remote control .

[ Futurist’s H iPhone Speaker ]

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