Friday, 31 January 2014

Largest solar bridge in the world is in London

solar-bridgeThere particularly famous song “London Bridge down”, which ditty suppose most would know. The city , actually, Bridge one. addition number part world, which so happens a solar bridge. Not t ’s largest solar bridge, where called Bridge. The Blackfriars Bridge happens part Blackfriars Station, where been fitted,400 photovoltaic panels. The installation solar panels reduce ’s CO2 emissions estimated 511 tonnes (563 tons) annually.

Work Blackfriars Bridge kicked off five years ago, station complete 2012 Olympics. Apart from that, nearly another year after complete array installation, t, refurbishment happens completed.

Apart from panels being installed, part complete installation includes a new entrance south bank River Thames, a quartet platforms improved Underground station. The station happens one major points £6.5 billion (US$10.72 billion) Thameslink Programme, which intention train capacity ’s busiest stretches from north through central London.

Panasonic 250 Wp panels sun, covering a total area ,000 sq m (19,685 sq ft). Sporting a maximum output estimated.1 MWp (megawatt peak), t panels 900,000 kWh annually, which than half required going.

[ Largest solar bridge world London ]

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The Hand-Crank Accordion Lantern can come out and play or be packed away


When traveling back, every b space used appropriately. , but comes price. Lightweight tents bags harsh weather something you’d want weekend romp woods.

Aside from a campfire, you’ll probably want a light source easy charged, ’t take room gear. The Hand-Crank Accordion Lantern measures 1.75×3.5” when closed, .5×3.5” when open. When compressed, be used flashlight, fully extended, be a lantern.

If ’t feel like cranking away , then always plug via USB a full charge within 4 hours. Although, feel a b like cheating all work. Either way, having would be nice, just mode. Made Plastic, it’s very easy clean . T cost close to $30, perfect backpacking travels, be nice around short stint woods.

Available on Momastore, found via thegreenhead
[ The Hand-Crank Accordion Lantern out packed away ]

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Pill Reminder just wants to keep you healthy

Pill reminder

Staying good regimen medical prescriptions very difficult. It’s one thing day, taking breakfast seems like a great idea, there those days eating because we’re running late. Usually one last things before running out , because no one wants bad breath.

Instead next toothbrush, why toothbrush take ? The Pill Reminder simple idea, just make a lot easier. T places behind , away, act reminder.

There course, a few issues system. Even though it’s easy , size lim both container pills. That being said, you’d spend $27 contraption, different container hold if they’re loose. Another problem pills, medicine actually intended horse, it’s certainly . While it’s a swell idea, a b a niche product’s everyone’s needs.

Available on Unikia
[ Pill Reminder just wants ]

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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Keecker is a projector and webcam that wants to follow you like a shadow


There a time when eerie. In a way, they’ve already reached t , talk, , but someone telling them to (we’re still a few years off from robot lords taking over). moment, they’re than anything require updating just animal would need nourishment .

If you’ve always wanted little piece , then would be perfect! OK, it’s cat, but supposed used entertainment hub. T a projector which regular screen display degree image. webcam, which be seen who away, but let them projected wall.

T speaker set so stream music wirelessly games big screen while controlling everything through . Through , you’ll also be granted analytics such temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, phone so keep optimal level comfort. Of course, even $4,000 price tag, t likely just end a way large screen while.

More information available on Keecker, found via OhGizmo
[ Keecker projector a shadow ]

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The Hanger Squeegee will help prevent make future housecleaning easier

Hanger Squeegee

We so many hours day, feels like get . Laundry needs done, food prepared, work completed, house cleaned, socializing, personal projects, about every minute day. The best way living life like a well-oiled machine tools ready so easily transition from task .

Cleaning never-ending chore, ’t keep it, then try guests, but enough. The looking tidy do spot cleaning every time a mess. It’s hard yourself working t, especially if it’s things like noticing a tad dusty five minutes everything -over. If preemptively so ’t work harder than necessary, Squeegee . Sadly, that’s part house help with, but hey, it’s a start!

T a very simple, yet effective idea. The plastic hanger lined bottom low profile, hang off bar holding curtain. Whenever you’ve finished cleaning yourself, simply rinse bathing area, along curtain any soap scum be lurking around. These come, white,, around $10.

Available on Umbra, found via redferret
[ The Hanger Squeegee prevent make future housecleaning easier ]

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The Peephole Reverser – Who’s in There?


There few things world ’t even notice anymore. Take,, . Almost every hotel room door. Your front door one, sometimes use them who a-knocking doors, really think too much about who could actually be looking right back us.

Case, let me introduce Peephole Reverser. That’s right, all prancing around hotel room under-roos, anyone Peephole Reverser could peeking back inside space, ogling regions ready-tube movies , let’s say, jumping bed. (not personally)

This, um, intrusive Peephole Reverser was originally developed police officers potential threats real-time activity behind a closed door when contained a peephole. However, now, t product allows anyone a clear view directly in home, hotel room,. Hmmm…

The Reverse Peephole viewer major brands door peepholes sure h , least holding cell . So if you’d actually like able a ± 15°  viewing angle through doors ,  depth 10 feet… get yourself a Peephole Reverser, 75 bucks at, ’t actually want one… please always remember out there already!
[ The Peephole Reverser – Who’s? ]

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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

3-D Babies – Hold your Baby, Before He’s Born.


Oh how I remember being pregnant daughter! How every ultrasound picture was cherished, passed around grandparents, framed nightstand, counted arrival. That was well over 10 years ago… remember dreaming about who she might, her father? Me? I wonder how far would I a glimpse was ?

Well, parents these days option their baby-to-be. Check out 3-D Babies,  creating a baby figurine resembles ’s facial features position.  Using /4D ultrasound images they create representation baby, using computer graphics 3D printing technology.

Available-size, half size, , medium … I’m guessing out a little life size fetus figurine next PTA meeting above anyone measly black blur paper huh? nothing else,   time she’s screaming’ve ruined her life, remind when ’t wa her here.

3-D Babies start 200 bucks, get a gift card, it’s baby shower gift. Just remember, For best results, schedule ultrasound during gestation weeks 24-32. Find out visiting
[ 3-D Babies – Hold , Before He’s Born. ]

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Ball FreshTech Automatic Home Canner – Awesome Sauce!


I’d really like domestic goddess, effortlessly creating fabulous meals, while wearing a dress, complete . be wonderful if my house was always well ordered , I had time like home canning. I adm carved out some time . Only once… simply too difficult, too time consuming and, I was left worried I hadn’t done , end my family.

Well, worry no more! Check out FreshTECH Automatic Home Canning System, which takes all out homemade jams, jellies, sauces shelf-stable pantry year. The FreshTech system actually senses temperatures, so when tone tells pickles… rest assured they were handled correctly safe family.

The Ball Home Canner done 30% faster, less than half consumption home canning, all while allowing create fresh foods family all year long. The un pre-programmed settings, pre-heats , stove .

The system comes complete recipe Book, Meal Creations Guide, user manual, jar lifter, vent cleaner…so just buy jars, ’re ready . If you’d like a domestic goddess, even if it’s just day, get FreshTECH canner at for under 300 bucks, to for videos information. I know I’ve bought my last jar prepared toma.
[ Ball FreshTech Automatic Home Canner – Awesome Sauce! ]

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The USB Notebook Cooling Fan II will keep you from getting third-degree laptop burns

BRANDO USB Cooling Fan

You’ve been sitting couch laptop a while, sudden skin scorched. It’s you’ve spilled been burned baby dragon, it’s . Those things become a miniature version intent from .

Of course, none want like this. Even laptop st flow,’t always make . The USB Notebook Cooling Fan II rid heated air that’s trying desperately through . T a very simple, inexpensive, effective method from trying you.

It’s a pretty straightforward idea, air out laptop, normal temperature. There LED display show what temperature is, before process. Powering t comes from port, but be noted work both flat airing grills. T $25, ’t so large would be unpleasant around from place .

Available on Brando, found via redferret
[ The USB Notebook Cooling Fan II getting third-degree laptop burns ]

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Friday, 24 January 2014

The Tranquility Pod will help you de-stress over parting with a lot of money

Tranquility Pod

There hoops willing through so point where relax. Sometimes, so much so long how , making a very unpleasant circle too much frustrated. While a nap a moment a world , some need a spacial quiet place their thoughts.

If very high-stress environment, ’t time, energy, a quiet nook space, then Pod might be a good thing around. T like a giant, white M&M opening 76” diameter suede-topped memory foam cushion a waterbed. Of course, suede pillows.

If’t sound extravagant enough already, buckle in, because t costs $30,000, enough features tag. Once inside, 90% sound out fiberglass pod. There four-speaker 80-watt sound system inside so listen smartphone playlists. The subwoofer some vibration bed, undoubtedly back pain. There 50 LEDs inside pod be whatever color , pulse sensor, they heart rate. T very similar being a womb might be like, what makes so comfortable . Well, unless .

Available via Hammacher Schlemmer
[ The Tranquility Pod -stress over parting lot ]

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Plug Purse – Carries your Stuff, and Charges your Phone


Is there anything worse than phone dying right when most? I don’t know about you, but like I all day single charge, unless I sort . Flat tire, stuck… way hospital. Inevitably, when I really need phone, it’s dead. Lately, there happens a very nice selection charged, so dead phones thing past.

Check out Purse, a very inexpensive solution problem, Purse small wristlet style purse, mobile phone charger built right inside. Plug Purse from a little handbag, it’s small, but room most essentials. Use bag,, like me, around , use a wallet phone holder. The Plug Purse rechargeable internal battery enough power recharge phone, internal power cord right you’ll never lose it, all cell phones.

So if a cute, convenient affordable phone charging option’re when , get yourself Purse. The Plug Purse , makeup, checkbook cards, recharges easily via USB, and comes choice , pink, teal, red. All 20 bucks, at
[ Plug Purse – Carries , ]

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The Techslinger is a tablet holster


Our gadgets . How , somewhat important . It’s last few years ‘nerdy’ a trend, certainly didn’t positive connotation beforehand. If wearing , but still want somewhat professional, yourself accordingly.

The Techslinger a bad idea, but their iPad themselves a harness it. Other than sounding like a cross between a technomage gunslinger, t be a good way , phone, few other valuables around. However, be testing between trendy nerdy.

These out -quality materials, variety . need h, which people . Depending size , t cost from $40-70. Seeing would take messenger bag, it’s a fair price. However, you’ll enjoy in gear every morning, plenty looks almost seems than functional. There straps yourself f snugly, button snap strap.

Available on Techslinger, found via Redferret
[ The Techslinger tablet holster ]

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Lepow Moonstone Power Bank keeps the environment in mind


If our phones could just put themselves a longer battery life, ’t need power source every few hours. It’s strange piece so standard panic without it. How many 5 phone numbers addresses anymore? Not inability people from t a paper map .

We need our phones, even though they certainly don’t need us. T reason why so many different types batteries on market. If something relatively compact, eco-friendly, but still packs a wallop, then Moonstone Power Bank fuel. It’s colorful, in palm hand, capable fully charged.5 hours depending 3000 battery capacity respectively.

Your color options green, carmine red, glossy black, sunflower yellow,. T two ports so charge two things, should be compatible tablets, smartphones, MP3s, mobile devices. cost from $70-100, which does seem a tad excessive many other options available. Its packaging friendly -toxic, power bank itself 8 ounces, making perfect travel companion.

Available on Amazon, found via Geekchurch
[ Lepow Moonstone Power Bank keeps ]

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Petnet SmartFeeder – Feed your Pet from Anywhere


Fido may be pretty good out, waiting back, but excited ? Is he eating too much? Let’s face it, over half U.S., fact leads health problems. There a better way control furry friend’s diet, their health .

Check out ,  a new pet feeder intelligent sensor technology, learning algorithms, power actually assess requirements pet, create a custom feeding schedule those requirements, fed remind get when they start out, record calling !

The SmartFeeder accessed any smartphone, tablet, allowing anyone and/or adjust feeding schedules, compare their pet’s diet pets breed, age, weight, , order food. The SmartFeeder let’s ’s calorie intake daily, weekly, bas, customize a feeding regimen health. Imagine being able ’s feeding times, from wherever .

So if like a feeding regimen work wonders health pet, ’d like able ’s feeding from , smartphone, then might be. The SmartFeeder holds around 6 pounds , bowl capacity .5 cups. in heavenly blue, springtime green, pink, yours now, 200 bucks, at
[ Petnet SmartFeeder – Feed from Anywhere ]

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Igloo Making Tool – who says camping in the winter can’t be fun?

Igloo Making Device

It’s painfully cold, windy, lot , ice, combination around. be annoyed dreary are, worst situation. Wearing than normal so ’t freeze, hot chocolate, snowball fights memories, nature .

If t weather any other season, why camping? think I’m crazy, but if , it’s really bad sounds. The problem is, most experience building t , which Igloo Maker would be perfect want t a go.

T a pole adjustments, “one layer igloos correct catenary shape help support snow while packing ”. After six rows, be able form leaning far enough inward snow outside. If , gear would also need icy housing, then t be great fun involved. T require four inches ground, so if you’re warmer area’t get much way weather, t certainly be a waste of $180.

Available on Amazon, found via ohGizmo
[ Igloo Making Tool – who says camping winter can’t be fun? ]

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Monday, 6 January 2014

Kurio Phone it’s a Win-Win for You and your Kids


If kids, it’s likely had about when they old enough a cell phone. And it’s also likely, really wanted them whenever, they might need to… BUT, issues, questions, could quite block tween sitting dinner table making phone calls,, getting texts from some weirdo posing 13 year old boy.

Welcome Phone, proudly calling itself smartphone, Phone features amazing parental controls parents their kids safe, , while using their first cell phones, gives kids , full featured phone they crave.

Parents ability a kid’c contacts,, calls from specific numbers. Kids contacts want… but they won’t be able them until parents approve them. Limits be set according , days week, simply limiting number .

The phone also provides geolocation, letting where 15, 30 minutes , known position. T also allows set parameters called a geofence, so if, ,   leaves,, a pre-determined area.

So, up, Phone, Bluetooth, cameras, GPS, a radio a kid desires… still manages seat. Aw come on, just go ahead yes! The Kurio Phone was unveiled yesterday, expected spring, no word yet, but track info , check
[ Kurio Phone it’s a Win-Win Kids ]

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The Pocket Grappling Hook isn’t practical for every day use, but looks cool

Grappling Hook

We fanciful version being a spy heads. Attending high-class parties, driving awesome cars, being , off enemies. Having equipment job thing, but actually carrying out thing entirely. fit, stealthy, , course, gizmos help (though resourcefulness than a utility belt).

Regardless information, nifty spy gear around exceedingly off-chance find a use. The Pocket Grappling Hook such item’t f use head, but real-world use. T created trip wires from a safe distance, rather than repelling down secure facility.

Before anyone asks, no, t , shouldn’t be used support functions. The spikes stowed inside water resistant O-ring body. If be heavier when it, simply fill dirt away. T cost you $35, ’t serve any real purpose other than aesthetics unless find yourself trip wires regular.

Available on countycomm, found via thisiswhyimbroke
[ The Pocket Grappling Hook isn’t practical day use, but looks cool ]

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Ding Dong, It’s Doorbot!


Okay, I adm, I’m a hider. My doorbell rings, run in closet, which gives a perfect view front steps, allowing me a decision whether I . I usually don’t, but, if I wanted you, I would coming. I say in closet inconvenient makes me feel a b, hiding own house.

Well, once again, technology answers my prayers. Check out … enabling  see who’s standing front door, be able over audio. Your visitors simply ring , sends iOS, smartphone.

DoorBot installs easily enough be hardwired where doorbell used , run internal battery needs recharged once a year. The camera uses LED technology be able who come after dark. DoorBot compatible, which lets /unlock ’s deadbolt smartphone application.

Compatible, iPad devices, DoorBot 200 bucks, available-order through, select retail stores…So much than running closet,don’t ?
[ Ding Dong, It’s Doorbot! ]

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