Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Peephole Reverser – Who’s in There?


There few things world ’t even notice anymore. Take,, . Almost every hotel room door. Your front door one, sometimes use them who a-knocking doors, really think too much about who could actually be looking right back us.

Case, let me introduce Peephole Reverser. That’s right, all prancing around hotel room under-roos, anyone Peephole Reverser could peeking back inside space, ogling regions ready-tube movies , let’s say, jumping bed. (not personally)

This, um, intrusive Peephole Reverser was originally developed police officers potential threats real-time activity behind a closed door when contained a peephole. However, now, t product allows anyone a clear view directly in home, hotel room,. Hmmm…

The Reverse Peephole viewer major brands door peepholes sure h , least holding cell . So if you’d actually like able a ± 15°  viewing angle through doors ,  depth 10 feet… get yourself a Peephole Reverser, 75 bucks at, ’t actually want one… please always remember out there already!
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