Friday, 24 January 2014

The Techslinger is a tablet holster


Our gadgets . How , somewhat important . It’s last few years ‘nerdy’ a trend, certainly didn’t positive connotation beforehand. If wearing , but still want somewhat professional, yourself accordingly.

The Techslinger a bad idea, but their iPad themselves a harness it. Other than sounding like a cross between a technomage gunslinger, t be a good way , phone, few other valuables around. However, be testing between trendy nerdy.

These out -quality materials, variety . need h, which people . Depending size , t cost from $40-70. Seeing would take messenger bag, it’s a fair price. However, you’ll enjoy in gear every morning, plenty looks almost seems than functional. There straps yourself f snugly, button snap strap.

Available on Techslinger, found via Redferret
[ The Techslinger tablet holster ]

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