Friday, 29 November 2013

NuForce Cube Portable Speaker – turn up the volume


We love listening . through worst . That being said, be no wonder want , loud, constantly. There’s nothing than having song come on, ability fully immersed because ’t turn any more.

T be a good time speaker, way volume even higher headphones. The NuForce Cube Portable Speaker just that. be a step whatever ear buds are, act solidly standalone speaker. , DAC provide 16bit/8kHz .

It’s made , plastic, , weighs 6 ounces. T perfect, cars without a sound system, jamming anywhere house. As someone who doesn’t always like wireless devices (when they don’t work), me happy plug-and-play. 3.5mm cable two feet long, a USB cable 2′ 4”, carrying pouch. The biggest downside t thing you $100, which seems like just a b much .

Available on ThinkGeek
[ NuForce Cube Portable Speaker – turn volume ]

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Siberia Elite shows an old dog a few new tricks


SteelSeries known amongst community amazing peripherals. One personal favorites was V2 headset. ’t crop, but it’s affordable, my most beloved tunes justice. However, technology ever-changing state, came surprise would come out bigger, better headset.

Enter Siberia Elite. As implies, it’s got a lot , good ! T headset light outside ear cup, both .8 million different color possibilities. On ear cup, be able a dial . The right side ear cup dial let . T no -line controls. The b goes across head uses a self-adjusting suspension system so won’t become too heavy over time.

The ear cups , put virtual 7.1 surround sounds in ear holes. Thanks SteelSeries Engine 3, customize those sounds specifically different profiles so get out play. The microphone reduction, meaning ’t sound terrible during a call. also retractable, so when you’re ’t be way. T cost you $200, a swappable cable system so be used from a PC smartphone.

Available on SteelSeries
[ Siberia Elite shows dog a few new tricks ]

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16 Gifts for the Do-It-Yourself-er to Make

We admire those take home projects on without hesitation. Show your appreciation for their passion with a DIY gadget this season. Who knows? Maybe it will also make you some brownie points to cash in when YOU need help on a home project.

[ 16 Gifts for the Do-It-Yourself-er to Make copyright by Coolest Gadgets ]

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Stiltz Home Lift Elevator – easier than sliding down a pole to the BatCave

hiome Elevator

There comes a time when plodding down becomes too difficult. If you’re living two-story house joints, do. get a motorized chair over-top slowly glide , but if you’re capable , t be a b a blow pride. Wouldn’t awesome if instead own, personal elevator?

Sounds pretty pricey right? Well be! The Stiltz Home Lift elevator systems from one floor next people wheelchair inside. While they cost anywhere from over $12,000-14,000, definitely make a secret BatCave house. Who knows, Adam West may one installed along years.

There models from, depending need preference. There Duo, which two passengers down within thirty seconds, , which clear polycarbonate so ’t clash decorum, Trio Lift, which three people wheelchair. As electric motor top lift, ’t be burdened noises coming from on. toss money its surroundings, but really, it’s all dependent , much extra money lying around.

Available via Stiltz
[ Stiltz Home Lift Elevator – easier than sliding down a pole BatCave ]

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Frustr8tor Pocket Brain Teaser – Can you muster the patience?

Frustr8tor Brain Game

We feel we’re missing out. Maybe some mannerisms still held -day, some fashions had out . Of course, if went back few pleasantries, be met onslaught issues.

However, some things enough . There’s a lot , art, come from ye olden days, games. We’re talking about hopscotch though. The Frust8tor Pocket Brain Teaser modern version old brain-buster from 1848. While might be a b, , while simple, tangled good minute.

a puzzle queens chess board. They can’t be allowed , which means able horizontally, vertically,. There aren’t any small pieces, so ’t need about dropping anything other than itself. To play, simply slide . If difficult, toss red markers which take queen, a spot used. It’s $10, be a better alternative Birds while you’re transit.

Available on ThinkGeek
[ Frustr8tor Pocket Brain Teaser – Can ? ]

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Brother’s ScanNCut Machine – the Cricut Killer?


It’s again. The holidays us, least house, thoughts cards, presents taking. It’s t I usually drag out my Cricut cutting machine some flair cards, make some decorative gift boxes , scrapbooking. But there’s a new cutting machine, doesn’t require any creativity-hindering cartridges Cricut does…

Check out Brother’s ScanNCut Machine, a br personal cutting machine actually turn any scanned images in cutting designs , ’t need special software, pesky cartridges. Now create unique one-of-a-kind crafts, being !

The magic happens inclusion 300 DPI scanner. T  s anything – a sketch, a magazine clipping, personal photos, , allowing create virtually endless cut designs ScanNCut’s memory. And, even use machine home scanner , , them home computer.

The ScanNCut machine models – CM550DX. Both machines cutting capabilities but have different package options cater individual crafters needs. The machines start 400 bucks, me, if a crafter hobbyist, find t indispensable tremendous number projects. Since accessories vary, please visit details, or  go ahead yourself one.
[ Brother’s ScanNCut Machine – Killer? ]

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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Exclusive 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Programmable TV Remote targets the hardcore fans

10th-doctor-sonic-screwdriver-remoteAre huge fan sports team, famous TV series simply cannot get enough of? That would most probably mean amassed quite a collection , ranging from T shirts mugs, toys forms . Well, Doctor Who fans fall $99.99 Exclusive 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Programmable TV Remote.

The name particular device itself says – be able control TV just like doctor, being a gesture-based universal remote control. made out -machined aerospace aluminum metal parts, so be sure quality TV remote itself pretty high. Based Tennant’s sonic screwdriver, t a gesture-based, fully-functioning, programmable infrared remote control, letting which s room entertainment area without batting. With three memory banks, capable 39 gestures. Each purchase would come microUSB charging cable rechargeable battery whenever low.
[ Exclusive 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Programmable TV Remote targets fans ]

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Lighted Holiday Horse Drawn Sleigh for an early Christmas preparation

lighted-sleighAre who believes prepared about any eventuality? That would mean starting off early , Christmas season, a frantic experience. There dinners attend, through list once again who from your “Nice” list “Naughty” one. Start Christmas early home $499.95 Lighted Holiday Horse Drawn Sleigh.

The Lighted Holiday Horse Drawn Sleigh comes form pre-l holiday decoration which would definitely bring back memories famous “one-horse open sleigh” through . T trotting horse measures 72″, be accompanied 50″ long sleigh strung long-lasting bulbs. Not, also been sculpted details, where among them include ’s silky tinsel mane, perked ears, hoof. Since t sculpture would make decent garden ornament, waterpro frame, where there included lawn stakes keep anchored.
[ Lighted Holiday Horse Drawn Sleigh early Christmas preparation ]

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New phablets rely on finger sensors as a new feature

pantechLet us show here – how many people were impressed introduction from Apple announcement new iPhone 5s? I am sure about you, but seem a rather minor change smartphone revolutionized phones. However, than a revolution t around, but idea actually catch other hardware manufacturers smartphone game? Perhaps, not. One thing sure though – Pantech, Korean hardware manufacturer, new phablet models – -A890S, IM-A890K -A890L, which marketed Vega Secret Note.

These stores all over South Korea, if. First , -A890S already available, footsteps Pantech Vega LTE-A launched earlier t. The three handsets mentioned above Cards’ (FPC’s) first launch devices.

According . Lee, leader Component Development Team , “We very positive feedback finger sensor associated secure applications Vega LTE-A t feature phablet product line-up. Our finger-sensor-enabled products new Korean payment service called Bartong, also being launched.”

Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) ones components rely analys matching individual’s unique fingerprint ’s identity. The technology biometric sensors, processors, algorithms which used individually, combination other. be interesting whether other future Pantech devices a similar technology, Android-powered smartphones, phablets challenge supremacy ?

[ New phablets rely sensors new feature ]

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