Friday, 31 May 2013

Tuggit Pullbulb

Ah, lighting solutions home could prove something might want in home improvement hobby. After all, array won’t make these days if out from , so perfect sense if something else unconventional, such $19.99 Tugg. Yes sir, name itself, less figure out Pullbulb .

The Tugg battery-powered LED lightbulb (now those pesky Greenpeace activists off environment) which attached 4-foot long nylon rope. Turning simple tug. Should on, tug switch , versa. Yes, , don’t suppose there need user manual everything else out. Thing is, sure home least a trio AAA batteries lying around times batch run out . be best if nine yards.

[ Tugg ]

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Star Wars Large Darth Vader Glitter Light

Assuming Lord Sith mean character who less forgiving than himself, still be out Darth Vader’s room sport the £19.95 Star Wars Large Darth Vader Glitter Light. After all, t a pretty self descriptive device, where specially designed lightsaber, a weapon alike during times when folks were .

Of course, some sort crystals powering Wars Large Darth Vader Glitter Light, but rather, good old electricity coursed through . definitely far lower energy cost compared Death Star, little one (or even you) dream those classic Jedi-Sith battles numerous planet systems all part Wars folklore.

[ Star Wars Large Darth Vader Glitter Light ]

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GoGirl – Let’s you Stand Up for Yourself

When I was a little kid I used I was a boy. Now’m a grown-up, I say there a couple feel I’m missing out on. When I was younger I got paid less, but itself out. Now I’m left idea seem away older, heavier attractive much woman do (that’s)… theres being able standing.

Well, I may able off older gentleman routine, but my name snow, thanks , a nifty, feminine urination device’s anywhere a man can, without baring , back pants. (hey, don’t say thats never happened) No over dirty toilets port-o-potties, simply place , silicone, funnel-like device what do.

GoGirl portable, reusable, safe. Yeah, I know, leave that. The folks suggest , order consequences learning curve, do so shower. Practice makes perfect. I say one occasion would ecstatic one purse you’d like yourself hangin’ boys, grab yourself a GoGirl, bucks two pack at


[ GoGirl – Let’s Up ]

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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Helmethub concept lets you rent bicycle helmets

For July onwards, cyclists who happen able helmets from solar-powered vending machines which strategically stationed right beside popular Hubway spots (which so happens ’s bicycle sharing system introduced consciousness last summer). T concept hailed from a dozen MIT undergraduates first revealed during their 2011 Product Engineering Final Presentation, where courtesy product-design course building prototypes from scratch span single semester. There was no looking back since then, company round their product offering so ready masses near future.

Each solar-powered vending machines able three dozen helmets touchscreen similar rental kiosks. Rentals $2, while riders who figure out doing a whole lot long time might prefer a helmet outright instead. Once done helmet, always return off bike, where be sent company’s headquarters inspected prior next distribution move.

[ Helmethub concept lets bicycle helmets ]

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Avitron V2.0 R/C Flying Bird

Do all things remote control? Yes sir, toys be controlled remotely a joy , tend certain sense of “god-like” feeling, until run out, anyways. Well, Thinkgeek might cater who prefer things air instead ground sort – the $99.99 Avitron V2.0 R/C Flying Bird.

The Avitron V2.0 R/C Flying Bird goes one its predecessor feathers, ensure bionic bird skies, come extremely lightweight design, achieving light enough off, while ensuring heavy enough spiral out slightest gust . T-bird, half-plane toy such speed, where low-speed functionality allows a dedicated pilot a realistic looking bird. Made out EPP body wing ribs, control itself requires batteries old school Sega Game Gear (half a dozen), takes 12 minutes results minutes worth time.

[ Avitron V2.0 R/C Flying Bird ]

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iFi – Stands for I Found It!

I used pretty organized, then I got married, had a child collecting stuff. Now me 40 minutes just out hours trying track . Forget taking a vacation, it’s almost too much work, who’s got , , ? Do ? Something lost, a way it?

Well, check out iFi Systems Smart Tags, working like a two way pager between stuff. Utilizing a Bluetooth connection attached handbag, camera case, about anything else you’d like , these Smart Tags act handy reminder’ve forgotten something,, off opportunistic thief!

attach multiple tags items one directly from screen. customize , alert sounds item individually, monitor battery life via . Can’t find ? Simply use it, system works both ways.

iFi Systems Smart Tags come iOS models associated app 6 different items time. than 30 feet then send Google map time . also set zones, like when you’re office, so alerts every time water cooler.

So if safe, primarily from yourself, get some iFi Smart Tags. Around 30 bucks, depending operating system, from

[ iFi – Stands Found It! ]

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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Roccat announces Kone Pure Color limited edition models

Gamers gamers, especially ones who want nothing but best hardware they digital blood. Having said that, since there fair number hardware manufacturers from market, , br steps save company. Roccat announced Inferno Orange, Polar Blue Red variations limited edition Kone Pure Color, where similar original Kone Pure , boasting high-end 8,200 DPI Pro-Aim R3 laser sensor quality Omron switches. Other features within Kone Pure Color would include Easy-Shift[+], Easy-Aim Talk, turning a formidable “weapon” hands fighting-streaks, lanes .

In fact, Kone Pure Color series edition products which introduced masses course year, said the “Year Kone”, where Roccat -year anniversary Kone range. Those who want White variation mouse until sometime later t, slew limited edition devices.

Just some background information so else page – first Kone was product developed way back, René Korte reminisced about days . Korte said, “Early on, I was involved professional gaming scene. So, I was aware many professional players who were dissatisfied gaming devices. Since then our overall mission high-quality peripherals ambitious gamers.” Five years down end series, touted one most successful gaming devices world.

[ Roccat announces Kone Pure Color limited edition models ]

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ScanGauge II Advanced Multi-Function Vehicle Monitor

Have Furious 6? So far, initial reviews movie massive, continues , managed one characteristic – a franchise its timeline all screwed up, viewers never mind want Vin Diesel do act. Well, be wondering just what do ride’s capabilities road, from making sure serviced all , how about throwing fair b electronics rolling? The $159.99 ScanGauge II Advanced Multi-Function Vehicle Monitor does seem a pretty good place begin a whole lot smarter, while monitoring economy.

capable engine trouble codes identification, is, there pesky tools required t. After all, a geek would always want access much data , ScanGauge II Advanced Multi-Function Vehicle Monitor gets done, where also capable -60 mile time. automatic delayed power-down after engine shutoff power-up when starts, user settings automatically convenience.

[ ScanGauge II Advanced Multi-Function Vehicle Monitor ]

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The Best Automatic Hose Reel

The folks over tend whenever they some stuff sell over there. The thing is, who ones carrying it? Well, if -house proclamation, every Tom, Dick plenty of “sound good” items, but I suppose Hammacher their homework before, which they all t. The latest device out from them a “The Best” title name would be the $229.95 The Best Automatic Hose Reel.

Folks who spend plenty garden would be able just how useful a hose reel ready, how did “The Best” rating from Schlemmer Institute? Well, so because durable, done their b retract 50 times, making The Best Automatic Hose Reel being model every single time without fail. Kiss goodbye multiple tugs, model around nonchalantly 66′ hose, ability 180° when mounted wall ° when mounted deck surface.

[ The Best Automatic Hose Reel ]

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Portable Tabletop Mosquito Repeller

Love spending most time outdoors rather than indoors? If , then chances high mosqui, considering blood carry. Well, never quite take do carry a potentially life threatening disease, yourself repellent half done. Enter the $29.95 Portable Tabletop Mosqui according namesake – offering you ( sitting around it) ample relief from , blood sucking pests whenever members setting.

The Portable Tabletop Mosqui would come across a wee b compared regular soda can, where t device would st manner, never mind a patio table bench. still be able regardless, automatically emitting , subtle floral scent , peppermint , which so happen plant-derived essential oils which naturally repel mosquitoes, gnats, . T away need nasty chemical-based sprays, while its integrated fan would help distribute protection from mosquitos across 15′ sq. . A couple batteries would keep t going hours.

[ Portable Tabletop Mosqui ]

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Etón announces Rugged rukus availability

Etón Corporation announced available recently rukus. The name particular peripheral sure makes capable a, well, ruckus, where across portable, Bluetooth wireless, solar-powered sound system which should make decent candidate crazy summer parties young folk like . After all, talking about rukus coming durable -certified splash-pro, mention being able tunes while simultaneously ensuring handheld device remains juiced ready – Rugged rukus exhausted its battery supplies,.

Esmail Hozour, CEO of Etón Corporation, said, “The Rugged rukus portable -proof, so it’s easy anywhere . Because you’re able advantage built-tough design, it’s essential gear outdoor adventure.”

Coming lightweight design, rukus would be best described all-terrain, solar-powered, wireless speaker which was specially designed so uncompromising without having awesome stereo sound. capable just about any other Bluetooth-compatible device out there, delivering crisp stereo sound thanks couple highly efficient, full-range speaker drivers.

The 20 square-inch high-efficiency solar panel alternative USB adapter internal lithium battery, ensuring when great outdoors a single power plug, rukus good . Thanks built-in USB port, able smartphone sure tubthumpin’ party never stops. approximately 5 hours sunlight so fully charged, traditional method , power outlet would juice $99.99 Rugged rukus 2 ½ hours.

[ Etón announces Rugged rukus availability ]

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Western Digital and SanDisk work together on Solid State Hybrid Drives

When space computer, a couple would definitely st – larger capacity hard drives, most probably form Digital products lying around, while those who deal based storage might slew memory cards lying around somewhere. Well, pleased Western Digital together what they deem ’s thinnest 2.5” Solid State hybrid drive best-in-class flash memory technology from SanDisk -in-class hard drive technology from Western Digital.

SanDisk would be SanDisk iSSD storage device Western Digital Black solid state hybrid drive (SSHD), where use Western Digital proprietary hybrid technology standard SATA IO technology. The SanDisk iSSD about balance , low power consumption, cost, reliability, compact form factor SSHD. In a nutshell, customers ample storage space, but they do , either.

Kevin Conley, senior vice president manager storage solutions, said, “I am delighted WD exciting new hybrid products. By combining SanDisk’s unparalleled flash memory expertise hard drive know-how , WD Black SSHDs offer outstanding hard drive-like capacity, slim form factor level get memory solutions.”

said Black SSHDs rely hybrid technology which responsive, intelligent flash memory technology from SanDisk alongside high capacity hard drives from WD, particularly powerful combination would greatly improve user experience, where end both high capacity higher level compared hard disk drives, these characteristics include speed, instant-on application launching.
[ Western Digital work together State Hybrid Drives ]

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Monday, 27 May 2013

Message In A Bottle USB Flash Drive

If stranded isl nothing but a coconut tree (while providing shade ), surely receiving a message bottle was own. Of course, if a pencil piece , , own message, place a bottle, , wondering who might very well receive down . In t , want route £19.99 Message In A Bottle USB Flash Drive.

definitely a modern day twist age old issue, a whole lot these days. Of course, without saying 4GB USB flash drive bottle waterproof, so toss own risk. Something tells me recipient who isl appreciate a handwritten note something stashed away USB flash drive, power outlets available t flash drive.

[ Message In A Bottle USB Flash Drive ]

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bēm wireless mobile speaker gets a college edition

When speakers, there a dozen models available market point. The thing is, consumer, just which particular model would for? Of course, going review sites would definitely help long run, moments when br plays a part, too. Well, bēm wireless mobile speaker, target those who love going back –, college case, about a college edition proudly show off mater next social function attend, barbecue where select from one dozen available university colors.

The bēm wireless mobile speaker college edition comes form factor roughly tenn, where all toss in backpack party regardless campus.

The bēm wireless mobile speaker able any Bluetooth-enabled device crystal clear music anytime, anywhere. The presence on/off switch located underneath touch sensitive volume control /pause button definitely makes life a whole lot easier. Pairing the bēm wireless mobile speaker compatible smartphone, tunes jiffy. The presence non-slip bottom allows remain stable so slide around desk.

T.5” cubed device also boasts a soft-touch finish offer a smooth appearance. Located back mobile speaker In ports which pave connecting options, Mini USB port so phone devices. With a wireless range 25 feet, t also sports approximately half a dozen hours life before a recharge. pick college edition bēm wireless mobile speaker for $69.99 a pop.

[ bēm wireless mobile speaker gets a college edition ]

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Cambridge Audio announces Minx Air 100 and 200 wireless speaker systems

Ah, here another two wireless speaker systems from over Audio, where they announced Air 100 Air 200 wireless speaker systems masses. The adage judging a book cover would apply beautifully Cambridge Audio Minx Air 100 wireless speaker systems, where their diminutive size belies powerful audio without missing a beat. In fact, t mark time a Hi-Fi wireless speaker would carry integrated AirPlay, Bluetooth, -in Internet Radio connectivity, about that?

Thanks vast Hi-Fi expertise folks over Audio have, they claim audio quality which comes out from these two speakers stunning. The Minx Air 100 specially designed maximum possible detail from stored tracks services. Thanks patented BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) speakers, able a rich sound which room-filling compared -sized traditional speakers. BMR’s unique, hybrid design panel technology guarantees no longer need “sweet spot” . Apart from that, there custom-developed digital amplifier heart-thumping performance, even if volume.

Both Minx Air wireless speaker systems also boast Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms which were specially developed production Audio. T enable Cambridge Audio sound possible from Minx Air’s compact enclosure, same time delivering which , crisper compared portable systems market.

The Minx Air 100 spaces such, bedrooms spaces, packs a 100W punch from a cabinet which measures just 14” wide. As Minx Air 200, capable rooms clear audio, thanks 200W set amplifiers alongside a built-in active 6.5” subwoofer a supercharged audio experience which measures a mere 18” wide.

[ Cambridge Audio announces Minx Air 100 wireless speaker systems ]

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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Stash – Waterproof Pocket Shorts

feel , t world summer. Days beach, tubing down , associated electronics wrangling. Where do ? Leave , thinking actually be able ashore beach phone thief before he hits away, all calling people overseas California who later purport no idea who may be, even after speaking-criminal over? But I digress…

Check out t project all world, Stash Waterpro Shorts. While getting ready summer fun, wife were wondering how their phones safe, and, being inspired simple water bottle ’s cap, was born. Why a waterpro in pair shorts, , waders vests? Imagine, phone, keys cash actually be dry when it, all right pocket, right where they’re supposed !

The waterpro shorts appears fittings also sewn in inside (so won’t be against .) The cap via lanyard string so be lost diameter pocket opening 3.25″ so probably f phone. So if ’t one, get over to bucks, won’t till Christmas.
[ Stash – Waterpro Shorts ]

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LG Display has next generation display technology in the pipeline already

without saying, where any company stagnant wherever they moment run obsolete within a short period , especially highly competitive environment. The display market such dog-eat-dog world, room, even established players. LG Display a pretty good record out fantastic looking displays past, do they want their position market their next generation display technology 2013, curved 55” OLED TV ” plastic OLED panels being there.

SID stands Display, SID Display Week 2013, less say Display a show, where they used a curved 55” OLED TV 5” plastic OLED panel. Apart from those two displays, there be other mobile panels which applied Thin Film Transistor (TFT) a clear future next generation TFT technology.

Of course a curve 55” OLED display a wonder check out, interested world open 5” plastic OLED panel which manufactured specially devices . Imagine a smartphone which capability, is, never, ever worry about a broken display. T well, but also provide manufacturers a smartphone chass enough all would possibly go through. We cannot wa fast enough, how about you?

Company Page
[ LG Display generation display technology pipeline already ]

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Escort announces StickyCup

Escort Inc. might sound like a company does something oriented, but, they designer world’s best radar detector – least, t what they. The pro , so forward breath whether from over able . Just what StickyCup? Well, actually a full-featured bracket mount which includes a semi-sticky gel ring located cup surface itself which cohesion support vehicle’s windshield.

What kind does works best with? Of course, without saying StickyCup nice naturally’s range leading devices including -winning PASSORT 9500ix radar detector, ESCORT REDLiNE, PASSPORT 8500 series BELTRONICS models. who, made available than a week all Escort stores.

How does help life?, windshield mount gel ring which assists dramatically improved performance simply but otherwise potentially destructive imperfections windshield mounting surface. As there concerning gaps within, able far greater surface adhesion force windshield. Needless , t result vastly improved holding capacity over a wider temperature ranges.

The StickyCup snap , where capable all grades windshield glass. The new mount would include a rotating knob which allows one StickyCup bracket match driver’s windshield. The moment set, mirror slope, making time. Interested parties able StickyCup for $24.95 a pop.

[ Escort announces StickyCup ]

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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Compose by Ouyang Xi – Your Music Writes Itself


I hate took 2 years lessons play few cords Purple’s Smoke Water. I guess I’m one people who simply isn’t musically inclined. I used some poetry would in, but I couldn’t read music either. So I guess it’s safe I’m a rock star.

All hope lost! Check out Compose by Ouyang Xi, a concept device designed challenged get their melodies. The pen digital clipboard acts microphone, allowing whistle a tune in, when docked in digital tablet, be transcribed in score. The Compose would also allow write directly display to “record” , before forever.

The designer, Ouyang Xi, would also like t contain libraries include sounds entire orchestra so final masterpiece it’s splendor, . Of course it’s concept, but hope many been walking around next h buzzing around heads.

That’s all I know, concept I’d like go someday, I knew I had rock star potential, I just need a little help. Check out information.
[ Compose Xi – Your Music Writes Itself ]

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MP3 BBQ Grill

There quite like good food (especially a BBQ, !), but also great music along. What happens when both together, working limited budget? T where the $199.99 MP3 BBQ Grill comes, where be able hungry stomachs full right kind , entertained, get shaking time a poolside BBQ party. Heck, also drop , MP3 BBQ Grill work just right.

The MP3 BBQ Grill clever electric device specially developed use, sporting a generous 200 square inch cooking surface which vegetables among others. Not, non-stick coating easy food release , where there a center channel away fat in large grease tray. Thanks 10-watt speaker, t complete BBQ grill ever if good music alley. In addition, also crank integrated AM/FM radio iPod, iPhone MP3 device fix.

[ MP3 BBQ Grill ]

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