Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A New Leash on Life

Time . Run through checklist. Coat? Check. Dog’s coat? Check. Gloves? Check. Leash? Check. Oh wait, it’s about . Re tie it. Doggy bags? Check. Reflectors? Check. Boy, t walking stuff gets all . Long gone days taking out them run.

I recommend making process. Quirky wants Kosoku leash which contains than I knew a dog leash could contain. Kosoku 45 lbs a retractable 9 foot leash semi-rigid core. Around canvas. Collectively provide flexibility, strength, shock absorption . The leash portion remains naturally comfortable h smart design exterior. And most importantly contains a pocket doggy bags! No out house without them.

On Quirky’s site see Kosoku . But they also feature a video development process. Once done pick Kosoku for $29.99 which seems investment if cut down hassles .
[ A New Leash ]

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Chill Out, Without Ice

More wine talk! Wine temperatures sure make a difference, even uneducated drinker. If two glasses Grigio – one room temp proper 35 degrees – guess what tastes better? Or even a nice red. Room temp warm. Chill just a smidge flavor comes out. And don’t forget sparkling wines. So what if red drinkers? Keeping them proper temperature poses a challenge.

Ditch fridge electrical. Brookstone offers an Iceless Wine Chiller for $99.99. They use Peltier thermoelectric technology. Essentially a thermoelectric cooling, moving parts things. Just plug , insert , punch desired temperature do its thing. The LED display shows current temperature so see . And a countdown timer alerts .  The device fits nicely kitchen counter top too. So let enjoy flavor wines . They’ll think a sommelier!

[ Chill Out, Without Ice ]

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A Claw for Ice

The Empire Strikes Back my favorite Star Wars movie. Come on. ’t tell me didn’t shiver down rebels fought . The subterranean cold forced a number innovations. Massive amounts tech clothing . How about -ton? A two legged horse .  In wampa – abominable snowman type thing Luke upside down cave – he was cut out cold. Fortunately ’s strength was no match Jedi.

What better way yourself impending winter snow, than arm patterned after cold weather being? ThinkGeek great solution Severed Wampa Arm Ice Scraper. take world – Skywalker – furry clawed scraper. The mitten keeps warm. And winter goes gets dirty just throw washer. conquer car $24.99. So get yourself armed snow – a little character scraping.

[ A Claw ]

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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Boombero Near Field Audio Speaker

Well, well, what do here? A relic from ? Not quite, although first glance. After all, boomboxes were all back then when I was a kid, had those sleek beats dropping moves own. Fast forward , humble cassette tape more, same goes CD player. all about digital files things MP3 playback capability, so why modern day Gangnam-style tunes right kind ? Enter the £44.99 Boombero Near Field Audio Speaker black colors.

Boasting-new NearFA technology, full use Field Audio transm broadcast right out speakers, hence doing away wires all messed . All started ’re good . Heck, rest movies big sound. The three AA batteries boast 20 hours playtime, power USB connectivity.

[ Boombero Near Field Audio Speaker ]

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More than 50 Shades of Gray…and Blue…and Red…

As Gadgets, smartphones everything these days. Aside from making calls they get us destinations, play our music, monitor our portfolios lock our houses. In fact us control our home seem springing on market. Let’s add another one list compliments .

Today (October 30, 2012) Philips selling their Hue lighting system exclusively stores. Hue consists LED bulbs controller. Plug – currently A shape, others development – in light choice. Then plug in Ethernet connection. Using smartphone (iOS) built-fi receivers bulbs , brightness, off/on. Really . Imagine reading living room. Set a nice mellow hue a comfortable environment. But say -nighter . Program colors (or go off!) certain time. Or maybe trouble motivating morning. Take lamps from 2500K blue red when leave. And obviously controller home network – yes, control lighting remotely. house brightness desire when home. Or – mess spouse away!

Other specs . Three bulbs controller run $199 bulbs are $59. Each 11 LED’s bulb 16 million colors. So let’s just say color combinations. Each bulb 90 foot range a network – so they other versus individually controller. A single controller 50 bulbs. The bulbs return standard white light when turned off source. Bulbs 8.5W brightness – yay LED. And uses 350mW power. So don’t worry about sucking.

Do Hue? Perhaps not. Do Hue a need? Of course. See a full review product at And drop in Apple store start remotely controlling .

[ More than 50 Shades ……… ]

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Computer Control at Your Fingertips…Literally

Think evolution mouse & keyboard. First there was directional keys keyboard attached PC. Then t little thing clicks came along – albe. Keyboards too became corded. Then lost their tail wireless. Somewhere pad came scene. What’s next? Your finger. And like early 2013 reality.

Welcome Leap, launching 2013 $69.99. T gadget how . Simply plug cell phone sized device in USB port. Using Leap Motion Technology creates a 3D interaction space around . thumbs from fingers from hands around. Swipe pages (remember Tom Cruise Report?). Or accurately game. Point a pen a document. Zoom-in-out. Check below . How accurate be ask? motion down /100th millimeter. even be able custom motions most used functions. The Leap 7 OS X development. Pre-orders taken now, so cruise over delivery a few months.

Thanks: TechOD

[ Computer Control Fingertips…Literally ]

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Monday, 29 October 2012

A More Comfortable Backpack

Have out kids lately? The amount school kids tote around . And – case Freshman nephew – if nearby they schlepping all books.  Or how about college students? Maybe campus from where books. Backpacks proven a smart way stuff. But seriously, even a good pack leaves users shoulder loads.

A company named Airbac (also seen written) took concept a little further products. Airbac technology incorporates air bladder system in lumbar area backpacks. Load pack . Airbac helps spread over back, putting less strain. And bladder offers natural protection carry. Each pack contains numerous pockets books, laptops, gadgets, pens goodies. Double stitch nylon construction puncture resistant bladder means Airbac units . Models exist uses: school, business, travel . And photographers out there, check out Airbac camera bags. Prices start at $49.99’s website. So stop find Air(bac) take away cargo strain.
[ A More Comfortable Backpack ]

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Organize Your Spices

Have been midst , mucked , ? Pull open . Next thing trying jar a massive chef’s knife take over – paprika shower. Dealing little spice jars stinks. Having spices readily accessible definitely makes a difference.

Take out out spices Au Spice Carousel from Kitchen Art, $ First, fill 12 removable spice compartments. Each offers shaking options measure dial. Simply twist out a ¼ teaspoon. No spices in measuring spoons. Keep them where they belong! Also included different compartment labels so easily identify . Place counter a cabinet. And 12 spices (me!) buy a couple carousels them up.  So don’t let prowess be deterred spice jars. Get yourself a carousel (or two).

[ Organize Your Spices ]

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Comfortably Nap Anywhere!

“I love a good nap. Sometimes it’s thing me out morning. ” A classic quote from George Costanza. Recall where he builds a little nap area under . There was space blanket, alarm clock, even a cup.  Face it. Few get enough sleep. Napping anywhere sure would help occasions.

Welcome new napping buddy, Ostrich Pillow. I’m guessing might . But seriously, if ever napped public place comfortable environment. Kawamura-Ganjavian, and design studio developed finished their Kickstarter fundraising earlier t with $195,094 (on a $70,000 goal). Studio Banana THiNGS producing it. But what exactly Pillow? A combination pillow, cushion, bed . The dark interior gives a little break from . Ostrich Pillow literally isolates world once . Tuck if allow. power nap virtually anywhere. The product washable too. Ostrich Pillow sells for $80 (plus shipping).com  available US, UK . So days where takes over, Ostrich Pillow mini reprieve from .
[ Comfortably Nap Anywhere! ]

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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sceptre dives into 32-inch HDTV market with integrated DVD player

say cost tremendously about every part world over , said that, cannot afford a place own, but a room small apartment. Landed property prices simply because no one makes l more, exactly living quarters either. In l countries like Japan Kong, be surprised out areas if landed property all . T consumer electronics released , deliver bang buck. Sceptre does good t around 32-inch LED HDTV integrated DVD player help space living room.

Sporting a true 31.5-inch crystal clear viewable area, E325BD-HD required living spaces without having quality. Sporting a 720P LED display × 768 resolution true widescreen 16:9 ratio, t boy trio ports so video need a large secondary display with. Forget about connecting a DVD player HDTV, already built-in.

Sceptre claims E325BD-HD energy efficient, estimated yearly energy cost $11. I am sure just what kind did they use a figure, surviving hour a day perhaps? All, t measures under 2″ thin, 20.3lbs stand. Expect out $599 E325BD-HD if interested.

[ Sceptre dives in-inch HDTV market DVD player ]

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Loud Mouth Telephone

Somehow, taking a the £24.95 Loud Mouth Telephone reminds me evergreen rockers, Stones. How about you? say designs tend from time , there was rule be so. The Loud Mouth Telephone much self explanatory, make great living room ornament whenever guests over, especially when a fine bone china collection off unlike . T still be able plenty around , I’m quite sure about that.

The Loud Mouth Telephone a huge mouth pad, while what looks like itself. strange glance, but use a week would be chatting away in crazily designed, fully functioning telephone like before. If things out t, just add some non-abrasive gooey liquid folks in .

[ Loud Mouth Telephone ]

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Saturday, 27 October 2012

ROCCAT introduces a no-fray gaming mousepad, the Hiro 3D Supremacy

ask a gamer without a bath few days just but pepperoni pizza drinks staple diet, but don’t ever, ever ask someone else’s rig than a day. somewhat akin a Formula 1 driver cockp somebody else’s car them . does, gaming rig very personal machine, one been built from cater ’s whims (according budget, ). Having said that, one important gaming accessory overlooked would be . After all, once a top notch gaming mouse, go nine yards end gaming mouse along effortlessly surface worthy Teflon feet. Enter Hiro 3D Supremacy Surface Gaming Mousepad.

T hails from Germany, ready time action just yet. In fact, go through t without Hiro 3D Supremacy stable peripherals, arrive America sometime next year. T no ordinary gaming mousepad, opens category new high-performance cloth gaming pad. The main selling point? T ’s first mousepad advanced new manufacturing process which results, rounded edges fray, even after weeks of (abuse) extended use. The build process patented, creating “power bond” between upper surfaces so mousepad delivers unrivaled durability.

As gaming surface, Hiro 3D Supremacy changes yet again, boasting exclusive vulcanized silicone playing field a complex 3D structure, which ROCCAT claims able significantly increased gliding speed axis. In short, able comm during even demanding sessions. Too bad there word time, but hope out more.

[ ROCCAT introduces a no-fray gaming mousepad, 3D Supremacy ]

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Captioning Telephone offers something new for incoming calls

Hmmm, the $99.95 Captioning Telephone something see everyday, considering how to “see” calls cannot hear. Sporting a large, easy display screen, Telephone offers free voice-to-caption service, is, any special equipment started first place. Senior citizens would definitely find Telephone a decent addition arsenal , where similar way TV. All words spoken caller screen , scrolling right across so time.

T give a correct answer still prime life. require high speed Internet connection though, technology used behind -to-text translation data intensive. Of course, should need function, just turn Captioning Telephone like any other standard phone. Other features include adjustable volume amplification, captions review, machine functionality.

[ Captioning Telephone offers something new calls ]

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Friday, 26 October 2012

Cut Straight

It’s wonderful time year. Yes, . T course means food, festivities, family, decorating gifts. Boooo. Admittedly I always like tree after things. But getting point . entails a chunk afternoon devoted , taping bows. Thank goodness nog. Any devices make time easier world.

T woes easier. Laser guided scissors – stick tape paper lines back. Technically they Guided Fabric Scissors, for $ among other places.  So yes, who sew, they work too. Two AA batteries . Simply turn laser cut. OK, don’t use ’s haircut. actually a laser afterall. And though certainly I put them family lettuce – a real “no duh, why didn’t I think ” gadget. Something house needs.

[ Cut Straight ]

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Up to 75% off at ThinkGeek

Get on! The ThinkGeek Overlords want know Mega Deals site. get up % off variety items from bags name it. Check out all , I’m sure find a steal deal.

[ Up % off ]

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Let the Music Keep You Running

If a gym go-er like me then easily relate I am about : some days than others . Other days like keep going elliptical not. So many variables enter in workout motivation. We become a society while exercising. Face , music right time helps. There’s nothing like reaching run, digging deep kick when, motivational song comes on. Tunes truly carry us through some workouts.

Researchers University a new technology make music selection during workout obsolete. Shahriar Nirjon heads which created MusicalHeart, bio-feedback system made. A special set microphone imbedded earpieces pics throb arteries ear. The data paired from , built in app, to determine song. T when rate low preset workout goals a more ‘heart pumping’ song up. Or perhaps overdone it. Then tune. The objective keep BPM. Medical uses may possibly exist disorders too. Read paper here. Though still just a concept logical. Who knows, maybe someday soon our tunes us reach finish line.


Thanks: New Scientist
[ Let Keep ]

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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Belkin@TV plus – Your TV, Where you Want It

I’m always trying movies shows iPad devices, TV watching time killer. If I wa my daughter’s volleyball practice, a doctors appointment, a little television makes go much faster. Wish I could just take my TV everywhere.

Check out Belkin @TV, which makes able in home TV, so watch whatever TV (or DVR) including all shows anytime, anywhere. It’s like being living room, except you’re actually wherever .

So watch TV smartphones, tablets, PCs, computers. With @TV Plus, also watch anything already recorded DVR record directly mobile device, allowing enjoy shows, movies, smartphone, even when ’t Internet connection.

@TV enough , simply connect receiver set-top box using component cables the @TV Plus app mobile device.(around 13 bucks for iOS, Android ) The box transm web, mobile device able programming through a Wi-Fi, 3G, connection.

Wow, quick content sharing, and in TV remote. How cool ? @TV at $179 bucks be gift gadget lover home. Mom, reading this?

[ Belkin@TV plus – Your TV, Where It ]

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More Garlic Please!

I looooooooove garlic. The better. With Halloween around safe any vampires around. Yet when cooking garlic prep proves annoying. There’s old garlic press, which but does clove. Or a variety . Again, ok but. So I often smash it. Heck, Paul Sorvino Cicero in ‘Goodfellas’ slicing a razor blade ends like cook around!

Welcome nice compromise between a press razor blade: Joseph Rocker. . The simple design mimics a garlic press, but 1) makes less mess 2) uses )   cinch . Simply put clove . The Rocker sieve bottom cuts through a tidy pile yummy stuff. Scoop out dishwasher . $ make prep easy.

Oh – if garlic prep even easier try-Z Rol Garlic Peeler from Zak Designs $ Pop clove, large, roll -Z Rol counter top  peel shucks itself off. Then use business.

Consider yourself ! Now get cooking.

[ More Garlic Please! ]

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Even Slices of Cake

Think back birthday parties. Was there no larger injustice than getting a smaller piece than ? Seriously, raise if throw a tantrum over getting end cake slice stick – so . Old school cake slicers f thing. Not real classy.

Let named Cake Divider Causa eliminate t trauma. Dial number – either 6, 8. Then poke 2 inch gadget in middle cake (or pie). Insert in slot . Then click next slicing spot. For $13.99, cake slicing can’t get any easier even.

So end suffering based around uneven cake slices! Get a Cake Divider today.


Thanks: FastCo.Design
[ Even Slices ]

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Bra Detects Breast Changes Better Than a Mammogram?

We share bra’s. A large selection, ranging from cleavage enhancing jeweled spectaculars -bra’s little inflatable numbers, a b, quite well endowed nice form fitting sweater. But t item trumps them all, because t could save .

Imagine if , a bra actually detect first signs cancer. First Warning System presents a new breast health screening device a non-invasive breast screening system being much effective than mammography!

Using a non-invasive dynamic temperature analys , coupled bioinformatics software, may actually be able tissue changes occur years before a tumor forms miraculous bra may be useful cancer screening tool even over testing device.

So t dollar device doesn’t squeeze between plexiglass plates, ’t subject radiation, it’s non-invasive, -toxic and me if my breasts? Sign me up!  Check out the website information.
[ Bra Detects Breast Changes Better Than a Mammogram? ]

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The Scary Mary Haunted Mirror – If Looks Could Kill

The folks over offer Scary Mary Haunted Mirror. Did play kid? (standing mirror dark chanting “Scary Mary” waiting ?) Well, assured will,, but unsuspecting guests. The mirror, while stylish graces innocently enough until activated , sensitive switch mat, then st everyday mirror slowly transforms suddenly startles horrifying, screaming, certainly scary, Mary. Please don’t miss here.

The Scary Mary Mirror easy , k a low profile wall mount so effect won’t be spoiled extra thick frame pesky false cabinet. The mirror system inches tall inches wide fully equipped LCD panel, DVD player (complete cable), mount, nifty portra attention little friend. The switch mat, remote separately ’t feel you’re stuck forever, changed, different options, including Killer Clowns! Of course quality horrors like Mary don’t come cheap, price tag one may be enough scare long time. The Scary Mary Mirror starts 1700 bucks at Ask yourself t, really put a price best pals screaming like a 6 year old girl? I don’t think so.

For more “Ghoulest Gadgets” vis Halloween Gadget Guide.
[ The Scary Mary Haunted Mirror – If Looks Could Kill ]

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“Watch” Me Charge

Face it. There inconvenient times “1% battery” device. Be phone call, while about a video a picture favorite actor who happened airplane flight – battery drainage never seems good time. Plenty charging devices exist, yet many take shape brick.

Miniinthebox sells a power option critical charge times. Meet the Wrist Watch Pattern 1500mAh Portable Battery, $34.99. No ’t a watch, but being patterned after one means power lives closest . So make, keep playing . 1500mAh probably won’t get . But get solid hours – enough a charger. The un ion battery wrist b mini-USB output, charging cord different adaptors most major phone brands DS. So share devices. But most importantly extra charge right near hand.

[ “Watch” Me Charge ]

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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Zero Gravity Balloon WeightPacs – No Strings Attached

I’m always lookout items set good party, commemorate a vis Santa Tooth Fairy. Nothing says “surprise” morning better than some nifty visual effect magical, simple concept may be, these Zero Gravity Balloon Weights might just be part Christmas.

Fantastic Floatables announces their patent pending “string-less” balloon weight control system which a series backed tabs simply be stuck any 18 – 20 inch foil balloon either before inflation, adjusted “zero gravity”. ( -air without string)

Each sticky tab about 1 feet, so once exactly what kind effect , add tabs to “place” . As ornaments begin their buoyancy, also remove tabs them hanging around levels.

Fantastic Floatables WeightPacs contain enough weight two eighteen inch round balloons, combined all kinds balloons, but suggests their own Neutral Buoyancy Toys, including Super Saucers, so be sure effect’re looking for.

So if you’d like alien invasion, check out prices starting $1.99 kits coming under 6 bucks, why a little holiday magic?

[ Zero Gravity Balloon WeightPacs – No Strings Attached ]

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Mouse Eggs and Stem Cells, Oh My!

Sometimes, am perusing news information , I come across something me. happen often, but when , I find myself wondering just where we’re heading, admit, I feel a small shiver when I realize I may around long enough out.

For example, where do we’re headed tidb technology? Japanese researchers a way stem cells a way be able “mouse eggs” actually produce healthy mouse offspring capable themselves.

What? Does t be able human eggs? If , would we? Should we? Here’s what t mean, because stem cells in any cell body, altering reproductive implications anyone, age.

Stem cells without their own stigma, (as they from embryos) so its important “mouse eggs” been produced from something called pluripotent stem cells, which are similar cells, but they come from adult skin, cells. So where do from here? Is t best, opening changing technology, t process be changing order forever, turning baby making in life in commodity?

Still, pretty awesome I just wish I could stick around long enough how turns out.

[ Mouse Eggs Cells, Oh My! ]

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Spooky Shower Curtain

Sometimes walking in bathroom enough, but t maybe used room house extra something, kind haunt would be than having a bathroom update one most memorable () bathroom seems time… no, one involving friend after party, I’m talking about scene from Psycho…

Check out Shower Curtain. Sure it’s most imaginative name item, but I guess suffice. T″″ motion activated shower curtain certainly put blood “bath” plays from Psycho including theme, tension building back music screaming. What for?

The shower curtain , sound activated battery pouch top AA batteries high . So if you’d like fun, visit yours, around 25 bucks.

For more “Ghoulest Gadgets” vis Halloween Gadget Guide.
[ Spooky Shower Curtain ]

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Monday, 22 October 2012

Siri, Start my Car! – Viper SmartStart

Getting started certainly wasn’t anything I ever thought I’d like a gadget me with. I mean, car , heck, my car doesn’t even need use , but , ’s early morning car cold, , maybe having warm a couple before I get there wouldn’t be so bad.

Check out ’s SmartStart. SmartStart lets remotely, lock a few other handy operations, all via Bluetooth connection, allowing execute almost instantly. The newest version of Viper SmartStart integrated iPhone’s Siri, so one word control .

put Siri saying “SmartStart.” or, define a specific comm’s executed when gets launched, so even SmartStart versions finger taps thing past. Now voice-controlled access vehicles, including panic modes get status (a real plus wonder if locked ). I’m thinking there might be some real safety benefits like t well.

In order app work integration, users must iPhone 4S 5 also upgrade 6. iPhones’t support Siri, drivers thing, they just go back . Of course a complete System, they start 400 bucks, monthly service fee, but out all do at
[ Siri, Start my Car! – Viper SmartStart ]

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“Ghoulest Gadgets” for Halloween

Welcome , my favorite time year. The season us hued leaves, cool weather, Thanksgiving, all time favorite holiday… Halloween. I can’t wa decide who I want , designing costumes our car unique trick event, absolutely adore checking out Halloween stuff, from Hollywood-quality special effects, store kitsch. So vis Halloween Ghoulest Gadgets Guide Halloween items I could find.
[ “Ghoulest Gadgets” ]

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No Brainer USB Charger

Cords . Aren’t they great? Look next bed . I think become standard protocol a rat’s nest wherever devices.

Leave a stylish way .  The Energizer 5W Premium USB Wall Charger gives USB ports device fold out (US) plug. The advantage cable management however. T lets wind around cable management. And handle a thicker cable. Oh comes micro USB cable. While charging turns blue then turns off when done. And $ why not? get a quality product from Energizer.

[ No Brainer USB Charger ]

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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Griffin Technology announces the MOTO TC Monster

Have Technology before? Well, if ’t idea just who they what they do, here quick primer right footing – Griffin one world’s foremost creators life, where their latest addition market would be their latest remote-controlled accessories known MOTO TC Monster, MOTO TC Racer, where both out sometime later middle .

Both TC Monster App MOTO TC Racer App touch controls devices respective remote controlled cars, virtually placing ’s seat where , record custom routes. The MOTO TC Monster picked $59.99 a pop, where form remote-controlled monster truck which relies connectivity devices controls. Once downloaded MOTO TC Monster App, able full use “driving license” speak quartet :-

Touch: maneuver using a virtual steering wheel Multi-Touch display

Motion: control steering device

Slide: slide a finger across -Touch display

Tracks: drive using a series routes already configured app, including figure eights laps

The MOTO TC Racer would a monster truck, but rather, a remote-controlled car which comes integrated RF (radio frequency) transmitter easy set-up connection. Once downloaded MOTO TC Racer App, drive control. Which would for?


[ Griffin Technology announces TC Monster ]

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Roccat Hiro gaming mousepad kisses goodbye to frayed edges

If a gamer who takes seriously (oh yeah, about gig slog through days a week? That’s just a necessity so what when home), then surely know kind one first basic . After all, having all world without being supported hardware going frag list. Apart from a high performance rig, crucial – such gaming mouse, keyboard, course, mousepad. German-born Roccat announced their latest Hiro gaming mousepad whose selling point – never, ever fray.

T truly a next generation mousepad boast a special kind silicone surface so able unrivaled control , patented construction which makes sure such edges relegated thing past, while delivering maximum durability throughout career. Touted mousepad kind world advanced new manufacturing process, build process results inseparable “power bond” between upper surfaces.

ROCCAT Founder , RenĂ© Korte, said, “With , yet again bringing true innovation . Frayed edges thing past mousepad. And its groundbreaking, one-of-a-kind surface delivers speed thrill even demanding gamers. We built using most advanced materials methods – so gamers assured their pad max battle durability , mission after mission.”

There Force Field protective coating ’s surface water resistant , making simpler yourself next round . 350mm x 250mm, making enough who play sensitivity levels, a thickness 2.5mm, about that?

[ Roccat Hiro gaming mousepad kisses goodbye edges ]

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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Pac-Man IR Racers

Now ain’t t classic – seeing Pac-Man chase down all four ghosts while they literally turn pale (alternately, ) away from t pie chart. Well, just spent far dinghy arcade when a kid, trying out a way score local Pac-Man arcade cabinet, here way pesky ghosts £27.99 Pac-Man IR Racers. Do bear officially licensed Pac-Man IR remote controlled racer set, so short standards officially licensed product.

also opt down imaginary cherries kinds fruits, while enjoying all sound effects original. but a simple flick joystick controller directions Pac-Man IR Racer set. Ideal video gamers, others who spot recreation settle . Each racer a trio batteries, while itself runs quartet batteries. Best sure rechargeables handy!

[ Pac-Man IR Racers ]

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Portal 2 Miniature Replica Portal Gun

Have Portal sequel? I would strongly recommend gaming rig go if ’t done so already, considering how both titles series shaped be classics own right. Well, who love collecting all sorts Portal series itself, here $59.99 Portal 2 Miniature Replica Portal Gun resting bookshelf cabinet certainly get other geeks who drop place over.

Of course, t any static replica, well just like gun found, except comes shrunken form factor, lab had accidentally found a way gun. A three way switch allows choose between LED, which turn correspond actual sound effects whenever gets heavy . Just make sure there AA batteries hanging around somewhere just out of “pew pew” moments.

[ Portal 2 Miniature Replica Portal Gun ]

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