Saturday, 28 December 2013

Panasonic “Cut Out the Darkness” project launched

panasonic-darknessPanasonic, giant done its b make sure parts poorest regions world, the “Cut Out ” project which lanterns which been contributed non-electrified regions. In fact, Panasonic worldwide involved very project, all hoping aware various issues regions .

At , around 1.32 billion people worldwide still do access , which take, actually. In fact, many homes regions still fall back lamps purposes, goes without saying kerosene lamps do pose serious fire threat. Being unable a sufficient amount , further restricts them they . With less electric lighting, sectors, economy.

Solar lanterns could be here, these during , saving all power secondary battery, which be able called upon, which its b solve social issues-electrified regions while making sure risks, mention lamps.

If “Cut Out ” project, its website own application which lets a cutout while checking out a virtual shade image on-screen work design. After , subm online popular . The top 100 popular designs chosen before being sent over far flung places need such a basic infrastructure.

[ Panasonic “Cut Out ” project launched ]

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Panono throwable panoramic ball camera surpasses 100-megapixels mark


Just how creative get? Apparently, reached, kinds churned out every single day. Having said that, throwable panoramic ball camera its fair share ever since was introduced masses, team behind working final development. Their efforts been, since they ended camera modules optics resolution which able from 72 megapixels, giving distinction consumer camera 100 megapixels.

Here little b background history who want what about. size grapefruit, obviously ball-shaped, while sporting three dozen (that’s a whopping 36!) camera modules been embedded all around it. These camera modules able away simultaneously when thrown in air, allowing capture everything direction° X 360°, delivering fully spherical panoramic images.

With optics resolution, consumers zoom see even greater detail when they view their Panono panoramic images computer devices. Checking out a panorama mobile device snap, thanks free Panono App which a fully immersive experience able through act down, , inside itself. Those who Panono over Indiegogo project page.

[ Panono throwable panoramic ball camera surpasses 100-megapixels mark ]

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Verbal Music Request Speaker – speak and make it so!

verbal-music-requestWireless speakers new these days, a particular model home, be quite a challenge considering out there market. Well, here $399.95 Verbal Music Request Speaker just make different way. As its name suggests, t a wireless speaker which able music verbally request – regardless point.

Just how possible? Well, rely free Apple app, where-winning voice recognition software in, letting down songs want simply in smartphone. The app go through smartphone, music library computer, radio stations results, album, so snap desired track. Once done, just touch screen stream speaker. The speaker itself sports a single subwoofer, a pair , two tweeters, class-D amps’ audio.
[ Verbal Music Request Speaker – speak ! ]

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Friday, 20 December 2013

The Neptine Pine is an all-in-one smartwatch

Neptune Pine

When ‘smartwatch’ what immediately comes Bluetooth accessory phone. alert receiving message, track . That’s great , but it’s one , ’t really adding anything gadget arsenal phone couldn’t handle own.

The Neptune Pine all . While it’s still worn like a wrist watch, it’s capable being a middleman between . Of course, just tether smartwatch capabilities, but putting a micro-SIM card answer calls just would mobile. T ’t fiddle out pocket, wear .

T also track activity such, pace, speed, time, laps, thanks built-in GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer, pedometer, compass. T Jelly Bean, ’ll be able most if favorite apps 2.4” capacitive touch screen. If you’re concerned about having sausage fingers being able , don’t forget voice controls thanks Android OS. There -facing cameras take crisp videos, . You’re looking out $250, but it’s looking like be phone. One step closer a Pip-Boy 3000!

Available on Kickstarter
[ The Neptine Pine all-in-one smartwatch ]

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Tinder Hot Box Solar Fire Starter will only save you when it’s sunny

Tinder Hot Box

Aside from needing food, shelter, whilst camping, having a roaring fire around. away, cook food quite nicely. Of course, starting said fire easy task. give rubbing sticks together a try, bring a box . If you’re going out wilds than a few days though, you’re going a better way started.

The Tinder Hot Box Solar Fire Starter guaranteed method some tinder alight…if . T solar powered same way a magnifying glass ants powered (I underst kids think fun). properties aircraft-grade aluminum on tinder, ’ll fire time.

There air -tight compartment bottom allow store tinder own, but’t mean ’t use what . T cost $40, which money well-spent if a camping enthusiast. Just remember you’ll need completely still time . Not, but you’ll need care reflective aspect gizmo, otherwise it’s terribly useful.

Available on Amazon, found via RedFerret
[ Tinder Hot Box Solar Fire Starter save it’s sunny ]

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The Optimus Popularis is a keyboard for every occasion


There few standard pieces computers. They come shapes features, but mouse, monitor, . While some buttons than others, ’t normally find any so over price tag thousands.

The Optimus Popular looking quo, account. T programmable keys all a half-inch square displays. Why would t in ? Well, obviously there’s a market. their target audience is ‘application power users’, who often write multitude languages daily basis. switch between layouts, which means changing from task a breeze. There 7” LCD display show information you’d like such, stock tickers, alerts.

The resolution , minimum frame rate fps. It’s made , close pounds. work XP 10.8 through USB. T cost you…get ready…$2,400. Needless , even their target audience likely isn’t going t money unless fits their daily life needs.

Available on ThinkGeek
[ The Optimus Popular a keyboard occasion ]

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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Govino Glasses – Because Wine should be able to go Anywhere


Okay, minutes shopping close you’re anything like me, even though finally done, there people need a little something for. Whether a last minute party, a co-worker, .

Check out Govino’s virtually indestructible wine glasses, perfect lovely bottle from liquor store, Govino lets almost anywhere. Perfect picnic, use pool tub, these amazing glasses from PETG, a flexible, proprietary, food-safe pharmaceutical grade polymer, allows still enjoy color , all without worrying about broken glass.

Govino’s wine glasses 4 half inches tall a generous 16 ounces when filled rim, their ergonomic thumb indentation, swirl without any fear it. Govin’s wine glasses come , 8, they start 15 bucks ship out tomorrow, from
[ Govino Glasses – Because Wine should be able Anywhere ]

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Kero Nomad makes sure your lifeline doesn’t lose power


While there many devices which person times, making sure they tricky. Misplaced cables , but even if , they easily become tangled configuration never even knew were possible. If ’t need a long cable phone, then want portable options.

The Kero Nomad who move. On , like a very awkward keychain, but hiding beneath USB USB connector which going. It’s a simple design, be one items about until it.

Of course, connector higher at $20 rather than its $10 Micro USB counterpart. You’ll be able between white casing, but neither going clean after being attached keys week. The cable three inches long, perfect pinch (assuming source to). The I would worry about cap losing its grip over time t without .

Available on ThinkGeek
[ Kero Nomad makes sure doesn’t lose power ]

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Timeless Box is as close as we come to a TARDIS

Timeless Box

There’s one thing hoping from, but also can’t seem enough of. Time ever-present part lives, expiration date (whether not). In here, , lose, create, . Above all, every person in with. Sometimes, become a close part person’s life.

If time ally loved one, then Box a good way just that. T essentially a time capsule leave kitchen counter. put letter, a present, suitable else later date. There three buttons, two inside .

brushed aluminum box, open itself whenever gets down . T cost around $110, meant experience. get , family, self. Time goes quickly, reminders like t nice around. T a crowdfunding campaign, but looks like be worth be a part of.

Available on Indiegogo
[ Timeless Box close come TARDIS ]

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Friday, 6 December 2013

16 of the Coolest “Retro” Gifts

Looking for a more “old school” gadget gift, check out our selection of retro gadgets and toys.

[ 16 of the Coolest “Retro” Gifts copyright by Coolest Gadgets ]

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I put on my Technomage Hoodie and wizard hat


The website ThinkGeek excellent tradition amazing products April Fool’s jokes, turning them in things buy. In 2012, they created a very awesome, but very fake hoodie light-up effects perfect who like role playing games, snazzy dance floor. all just a joke, until now.

The Technomage Digital Wizard Hoodie sweater let spells, their own light pattern . Of course, it’s a matter ‘hocus pocus’. There motions spell, some time them down pat. That being said, t a good purchase who can’t master timed movements.

T made out , 6 AA batteries . While machine washable, want all electronics before . It’s available small XXL. After you’ll need ‘restore mana’ position. capable spells, including electroshock, thunderbolt, restore health, fireball, shockwave, energy beam, raise , warp, water bending, casting. I desperately hope someone hacks t they earth, fire, bending too. cost you $120, certainly be gaming group.

Available on ThinkGeek.
[ I put Technomage Hoodie hat ]

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Pop-Up ChristmasTree – Flat to Festive, in Seconds


I did t, spent day setting decorating . I adm I love it! What I don’t love? Taking down again, taking off away, piece. I promise basement before Valentines Day next year… , I’ve got a better way.

Check out Up Decorated Tree, certainly tree facsimile, pancake fashion, fully decorated with holly leaf accents, red poinsettias red ribbons. The tree off red shatterpro ornaments , featuring 350 mini lights, blue green . Fa la la!

drag , its included st using pop-up assembly, you’re just a quick hoist away from sheer Christmas joy. The tree use, one bulbs burn out, tree stays lit. The tree comes special end connector position lighted tree topper. Just think you’ll baking .

So if instant-Christmas sounds good t, , get yourself foot Pop-up Tree at for 100 bucks, get back all , wassail bowl.
[ Pop-Up ChristmasTree – Flat , ]

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Friday, 29 November 2013

NuForce Cube Portable Speaker – turn up the volume


We love listening . through worst . That being said, be no wonder want , loud, constantly. There’s nothing than having song come on, ability fully immersed because ’t turn any more.

T be a good time speaker, way volume even higher headphones. The NuForce Cube Portable Speaker just that. be a step whatever ear buds are, act solidly standalone speaker. , DAC provide 16bit/8kHz .

It’s made , plastic, , weighs 6 ounces. T perfect, cars without a sound system, jamming anywhere house. As someone who doesn’t always like wireless devices (when they don’t work), me happy plug-and-play. 3.5mm cable two feet long, a USB cable 2′ 4”, carrying pouch. The biggest downside t thing you $100, which seems like just a b much .

Available on ThinkGeek
[ NuForce Cube Portable Speaker – turn volume ]

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Siberia Elite shows an old dog a few new tricks


SteelSeries known amongst community amazing peripherals. One personal favorites was V2 headset. ’t crop, but it’s affordable, my most beloved tunes justice. However, technology ever-changing state, came surprise would come out bigger, better headset.

Enter Siberia Elite. As implies, it’s got a lot , good ! T headset light outside ear cup, both .8 million different color possibilities. On ear cup, be able a dial . The right side ear cup dial let . T no -line controls. The b goes across head uses a self-adjusting suspension system so won’t become too heavy over time.

The ear cups , put virtual 7.1 surround sounds in ear holes. Thanks SteelSeries Engine 3, customize those sounds specifically different profiles so get out play. The microphone reduction, meaning ’t sound terrible during a call. also retractable, so when you’re ’t be way. T cost you $200, a swappable cable system so be used from a PC smartphone.

Available on SteelSeries
[ Siberia Elite shows dog a few new tricks ]

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16 Gifts for the Do-It-Yourself-er to Make

We admire those take home projects on without hesitation. Show your appreciation for their passion with a DIY gadget this season. Who knows? Maybe it will also make you some brownie points to cash in when YOU need help on a home project.

[ 16 Gifts for the Do-It-Yourself-er to Make copyright by Coolest Gadgets ]

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