Friday, 27 September 2013

Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault makes you work for your gift

puzzle-pod_bank-vaultWe told time such thing free lunch world, suppose you, responsible adult, need t fact younger folks world who thinks universe owes them a living. The next time someone a present, try throw money envelope, but rather, how about making he work gift a sense ? That the $29.95 Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault about.

The Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault would come form password-locked device within, solved, open recipient able access gift inside. The five letter code customized over again, makes sure outgrown t, be “recycled” else – a younger relative, perhaps? A slot bottom allows use -Pod Bank & Present Vault bank. be able blows from a hammer well though.

[ Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault makes gift ]

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Amazon Kindle Fire HDX ushers in third generation era of tablets

kindle-fire-hdxWhen world , most folks between -powered models from Apple, namely mini, Android-powered tablets which seem sorts sizes from a slew . However, over blind situation, see them make concerning generation from their Kindle shows doing something right all t – new Kindle Fire HDX looks set footsteps predecessor.

For starters, Kindle Fire HDX from Amazon display sizes – 7”.9”, , find amount muscle available under , namely a quad-core 2.2GHz processor triple power predecessor, double , 11 hours life use, stereo speakers Digital Plus audio certainly keep happy.

As mentioned earlier, there two models available – ” Kindle Fire HDX from $229 place a pre-order, set t October 18th. There a 4G version pipeline, particular model cost at $329 a pop.

As larger sized model, .9” Kindle Fire HDX be a sight eyes thanks display size, where retail for $379 vanilla version, set t 7th, which than a month away. Not, Amazon roll out a 4G version albe $479 a pop, model happen later t 10th. All, still!

[ Amazon Kindle Fire HDX ushers generation era ]

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Amazon Kindle Fire HD goes easy on your bank account

kindle-fire-hdDespite what you, part world well, that, some do want a tablet our time away. Well, Amazon, unable one recently announced higher end Kindle Fire HDX models connectivity, want which proficient best without burning too large a hole pocket along . We all new $139 Kindle Fire HD, where arrive slimmer form factor amongst other features.

The new Kindle Fire HD provide access exclusive benefits Amazon ecosystem, where among include Instant Video, Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, Kindle MatchBook, AutoRip, world’s leading digital catalog 27 million movies, TV shows, songs, apps, games, books, audiobooks, .

Despite affordable price rivals, Fire HD one inferior hardware. No sir, itself, while HD, delivers 1280 x 800 resolution pixels per inch, while a dual-core 1.5 GHz processor gets things done jiffy. Your ears too, be able stereo speakers Digital Plus audio, where all crammed in new slim chass resembles Kindle Fire HDX.

With dual-b-Fi, fast streaming, downloads, browsing, while system which Fire HD runs be Fire OS 3.0 “Mojito” arrive features, platform updates, -exclusive services. Amazon started pre-orders device, Kindle Fire HD t 2nd onward.

[ Amazon Kindle Fire HD goes easy bank account ]

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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Oyster Books – Because the World is your iPhone


I guess everyone knows’m a huge fan services. I love using Netflix Prime movies, I use a service music too. Sure, I Roku Player, Internet TV else me sift through tons blink eye. The better, but what about my e-reader? When , I pretty much get just one book time…

To be honest, my e-reader drawer somewhere, iPod, which one book… until now. Check out Oyster, subscription service readers. Oyster gives -tap access endless supply designed books, (customizable) typography ability friends, get recommendations. Oyster offers all this, and, unlimited access 100,000 books, all 10 bucks a month, titles being added all .

I guess some folks start a book until its finished, but I find, I like a little variety reading material. I believe so many options me even more. Oyster heck lot , from Michael Crichton .R.R. Tolkien , including kids books, complete illustrations. I’m loving it.

So, if you’re a huge reader, simply aspire one, head to invitation, get some . You’ll be so glad . Oyster iPhone, United States, but version should be available later t, no word yet availability. Let’s let our gadget-riddled brains relax few good books, shall we?
[ Oyster Books – Because iPhone ]

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GameCase iOS game controller brings mobile gaming to the next level

gamecaseWhen 5s was first announced, one things away was 64-b, working great coding, could deliver some high quality graphics game. Of course, a full touchscreen display going optimal when games out there, mention always finger (or two) appearing display, blocking out parts just dampen gaming experience. What would be a physical controller, iOS comes.

The GameCase mobile gaming heights, where redefine games iPad. Harnessing 7’s new MFi controller framework, less say new era gaming. Whenever iOS 7-powered device GameCase hooked up, a natural console quality feel. Sporting a couple sticks buttons, be able level .

Apart from that, there a thoughtfully crafted design-slip rubber surface which fatigue, paving play – device’s battery lasts, . Right now, GameCase developers together out exciting new games which able advantage device’s incredible features.

There no word just yet, however, but would willing GameCase when finally made available masses?

[ GameCase iOS brings mobile gaming next level ]

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iWALK offers the Sound Angle and Sound Angle Mini for wireless audio enjoyment

iwalkWhen world , there way too many different models from. The thing is, if some wireless audio fun, want out a couple from iWALK – Sound Angle Angle Mini. Both nice Bluetooth equipped devices, where than capable heart pumping audio via a stylishly compact design. Needless , be a large step compared Bluetooth speaker designs; Sound Angle Angle Mini advantage form factors alongside a bunch shades. The kind incorporated would seamlessly include both volume control buttons, 3.5mm auxiliary input so who do Bluetooth-enabled devices able play music from such sources, such school MP3 players /CD players among others.

Harr, vice president , shared, “We designed Angle Angle Mini portable , but deliver sound quality found expensive speakers.” The Sound Angle Mini could be used , “Do a book cover”, where amazing power compact design. The internal battery delivers 4 hours music playback, while a microSD memory card slot MP3 format music direct music playback. Apart from that, automatically select shuffle play whenever memory card.

As Sound Angle, t speaker delivers superb clarity sound surprisingly lightweight design. Not, convenient st any tablet. There input so music from external sources, where among them include MP3 players /CD players. There a built-in microphone which transforms in speakerphone.

The Sound Angle Mini , white, gray, yellow, red pink shades for $39.99 a pop, while Angle you $129.99 a pop, comes array , gray, cobalt blue, red colors.

[ iWALK offers Angle Angle Mini audio enjoyment ]

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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Kisai Maru LCD Wood Watch – time goes ever on and on

Tokyoflash Kisai Maru

As skim over article, seconds tick by. There when they seems moving rapid pace, they feel they last eternity. There’s no way them, any kind over what waste be spent doing things. The most do track , allotment here.

Many people enjoy keeping track passing minutes . While use our phone us when we’re supposed doing things, there who still enjoy wearing a wrist watch. If , one who a glance, then Maru LCD Wood Watch might just be.

T a wooden watch named “maru”, meaning circle. The face watch consists circles, moves passing minute. There tick marks, time hands. The h faces outward tells , while facing h . choose whether a little animation out every five minutes, but on. standard battery watch, cost of $100. Your options type sandalwood maple. As these out tree, expect tint wood from time piece piece.

Available at Tokyoflash
[ Kisai Maru LCD Wood Watch – time goes ever on ]

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BlackBerry Z30 is the latest flagship model

blackberry-z30BlackBerry announced their latest flagship device, where be known BlackBerry Z30. Touted , fastest advanced smartphone from mobile device manufacturer, new BlackBerry Z30 5” Super AMOLED display be large enough remains up. Not, BlackBerry claims BlackBerry Z30 boast largest battery smartphone out. To sweeten , Z30 10 OS version 10.2, where said hundreds slew features enhance experience.

For instance, one new features BlackBerry Z30 include BlackBerry Priority Hub, which able all simultaneously. T BlackBerry Priority Hub just what kind people important , making snap out require. also be able priority messages across , social networking accounts so gain instant access conversations most .

Not, also BBM app out message previews regardless app moment. From there, able , read content if necessary. Whenever a BBM message arrives, able reply message without having whatever app occupying point. Not, if , able icons Lock Screen out preview most recent messages .

The BlackBerry Z30 smartphone carriers worldwide from next week onward UK East, while all other regions receive their due holiday season.

[ BlackBerry Z30 latest flagship model ]

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Adobe takes to new hardware like Project Mighty and Napoleon

adobe-mighty-penWho would would churn out hardware apart from software famous for? Adobe originally shared their vision Creative Cloud, where they claimed would open door , help empower a new generation folk. Of course, come , Adobe their toes in world hardware, t milestone, Adobe devices – pen known Mighty digital ruler call Project Napoleon. In order both devices reality, Adobe Adonit, who happens b manufacturers believe power devices paired . The Adobe Mighty sometime first half year.

In demonstration Mighty, t creative pen happens pressure sensitive, which allow out natural lines. Not, Mighty hooked Cloud, which enables one one’s favorite personal digital assets wherever he goes, , mention across devices, among others. No longer do -or decision , expressiveness while sacrificing Creative Cloud. Folks who’s digitizer tablet should be able Mighty right from go.

Needless , pricing details remain unclear, but rest assured, Adobe additional information time.

[ Adobe takes hardware like Project Mighty ]

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Monday, 16 September 2013

Sidewalk Scribbling Scooter – start ‘em young artistically

sidewalk-scribblerI still remember when there was t craze off, kids wanted a scooter own. As a young adult who had just joined world back then, I too, was extremely tempted scooters myself. Well, did die off somewhat, was craze over after that, but I decided miss looked way too silly. Well, here scooter little one them take a stab fun when getting around, although there added twist $44.95 Sidewalk Scribbling Scooter.

The Sidewalk Scribbling Scooter happens a child’s scooter integrated chalk holders, allowing create art. a patented “tilt ” steering system formed twin front wheels, delivering stability riders 45 lbs., whereas there single rear wheel smooth gliding. A couple springs rear able separate pieces which streaks rider scoots over pavement, asphalt,. Do could be stone ?
[ Sidewalk Scribbling Scooter – start ‘em young artistically ]

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Garmin delivers two more GPS running watches – the Garmin Forerunner 620 and Forerunner 220

garmin-forerunner-620Some like – us feel extremely light, mention happens great exercise all those additional calories accumulated around . Having said that, Garmin, a name synonymous navigation devices, unveiled a couple running watches, Garmin Forerunner 620 220. Both , thinnest, most advanced offerings from Garmin, making very own non-living personal running coach.

Let us take a 620 first – arrive bunch features including recovery advisor, race predictor max estimate come runners train smarter achieve new race goals. When used NEW HRM-Run monitor, 620 be able feedback form. Assuming instead , both a built-in accelerometer capable distance , meaning a separate sensor. Either way, these two models ’s special one-inch Chroma color display.

Not, equipped Smart wireless upload capabilities, 620 runners’ run data Garmin online community known Connect, all without requiring one tethered computer compatible smartphone . Not, 620 tough, being water-resistant batteries said six weeks mode hours mode. Expect 620 /black /orange color configurations, while 220 black/red /violet shades. Depending picking HRM-Run Bundle Rate Bundle, they for $399.99/$449.99 and $249.99/$299.99, respectively.

[ Garmin delivers two running watches – Forerunner 620 220 ]

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HDTV from Seiki takes on a retro look

seikiWhen world , said old never really go out permanently. Sure, whatever moment might be shelved shortly next fad, but return eventually its mark once again sometime down , although when happen remains seen. I suppose said , loves a little b retro once while. Seiki Digital decided a modern day consumer electronics device touch , resulting 22-inch Retro Design HDTV (which carries number SE22FR01).

The Retro Design HDTV’s name alone gives away, being a new nostalgic HDTV model. Depending want f , arrive retro colors such Red, Mid-century Yellow, Electric Blue, Doo-wop Purple, Pink. Not, also find being dialled back thanks Retro Design HDTV’s power dials.

Of course, do fooled looks, Retro Design HDTV come ’s HDTVs, include Full HD 1080p resolution 21.5” diagonal LED panel, 60Hz panel refresh rate, HDMI, component/composite, ports, remote control. Your ears too, HDTV built-in subwoofer sound experience.

If interested Retro Design HDTV, retail for $329 a pop. The one major drawback would affect sales figures particular HDTV would be . Compared day HDTVs, CRT impostor down well who love sleek designs homes.

[ HDTV from Seiki takes retro look ]

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Friday, 13 September 2013

iPhone / iPad Pocket Projector – Movie Theater, To Go


Everyone I know loves their iDevices, Apple addicts, many just genuinely enjoy iOS experience. I adm do too, but I recognize some shortcomings them from being truly excellent. I also some thought kind I would need even .

One accessories might be iPhone/iPad Pocket Projector. Compact enough purse /iPad Pocket Projector projects ’s screen directly on flat surface from less than a foot away far feet, projecting 85” diagonal. I imagine pictures, movies … useful, kids during their next sleepover.

The projector weighs less than 5 oz smaller than a smartphone. The iPhone/iPad Pocket Projector , tent, blank wall house in movie theater. The projector’s 640 x 480 pixel resolution ensures a nice picture manual focus wheel enables “dial up” sharpness , ’s speakers control though, so extra speakers might need menu.

also download a free app, which enable magnify images everything from YouTube videos 4 hour search perfect prom dress. The internal lithium-polymer battery provides two hours via USB included cable. Compatible iPhones/iPads, except 5, iPad Display iPad Mini. Get yours 300 bucks at
[ iPhone / iPad Pocket Projector – Movie Theater, To Go ]

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Wacom Bamboo Pad sports navigation gestures this time around

bamboo-padWe took a closer two second generation styli from Wacom yesterday, another offering from over form Wacom Bamboo Pad. T no ordinary tablet from Wacom, support gestures bread , which happen drawing capabilities. The moment a Wacom Bamboo Pad in Windows 8 7-powered computer, Pad would be able authentic natural navigation experience right spot.

Wacom would see if one were describe Pad yet another touch pad market, does far that. Folks who penchant personal signature, a drawing handwritten comments documents Bamboo Pad whole new way. if proverbially chained desk hours, Pad’s ultra-slim form factor would pave comfortable user experience even through day.

If one were Pad standard computer mouse, Pad offers natural feeling multi-touch gestures, especially when using Windows 8. Not, communication would end be even oriented , own personality such sketches, drawings included stylus.

How about Mac users? Windows 7 8 users just need Bamboo Pad , but Apple computer owners running 10.7 need a driver be downloaded via support website. The Wacom Bamboo Pad would arrive versions, retailing for $49 and $79, respectively.

[ Wacom Bamboo Pad sports navigation gestures t around ]

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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Zombie Animated Backpack lets your little one scare others

zombie-snotty-bagGoing back annual affair children who privilege education, , where they learn about stuff such pressure. Sometimes, they might even come home shirt, asking buy them pencil case. Perhaps time one, after all, how many years do before they fly away from ? Here the $39.99 Zombie Animated Backpack delivers a humorous take approached .

The backpack enough nooks away one’s books kinds knacks, but also boast fair share . Snot , dripping snot straight from , while also control him a push button, making all sorts faces laughter from class. Some facial movements include rolling around able some zombie noises. Powered trio batteries, eventually be banned from classrooms should provide a distraction than anything else.
[ Zombie Animated Backpack lets one scare others ]

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Wacom introduces new Bamboo styli range

bamboo-stylusWhen tablets, Wacom would surely resonate , especially artists who stylus like a duck , instead traditional pencil methods. Having said that, Wacom couple Bamboo styli – Stylus solo Stylus duo. Both -generation versions popular range styli which was originally rolled out back. The Bamboo Stylus solo happens across stylus cater devices such iPad, where a protective cap rubber nib t around. As Bamboo Stylus duo, t a two-in-one solution stylus displays, but also caters unexpected moments when Hancock , hence a ballpoint pen function thrown in mix measure.

Both Stylus solo Stylus duo described a best-in-class pen-like experience, sporting, premium design. Your eyes be taken touch paint located barrel color-coordinated, polished anodized aluminium cap set these styli apart from market. Wacom knows tastes, which they either version slew just about any mood, while maintaining a black white version moments.

Not, experience should also go a notch, comes even slimmer rubber nib just 5mm, body stylus feeling solid . Those who second-generation Bamboo Stylus solo Stylus duo out $19 and $29, respectively, arrive market later next month.

[ Wacom introduces new Bamboo styli range ]

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HP Chromebook14 carries Intel’s latest Haswell CPU within

hp-chromebook-14Where do a highly affordable notebook done all basics cinch, such , reading 9gag, movie tickets? An Ultrabook might sound like overkill if tight budget, netbooks gone dodo, perhaps time something different. ever considered picking Chromebook instead? HP announced their latest entry in Chromebook market Chromebook14 masses which offers powerful performance new connectivity option.

The HP Chromebook14 because Chromebook powered Intel Haswell processor, all offering fast access web so tasks even when move, alongside optional 4G connectivity. In a move might say follow Apple’s footsteps, Chromebook14 would also arrive array -catching colors.

The HP Chromebook14 would allow hook websites matter , where gateway Google experience, including Google Chrome apps such, YouTube, Google Drive + Hangouts. Not, automatic software updates ensures browsing experience remains fast, fluid . Your eyes be soothed 14-inch diagonal high-definition display, while-board storage, a 16GB SSD gets done. Other connectivity options include HDMI, USB 2.0 3.0, where those combination headphone jack.

Without any contracts, select models HP Chromebook data years 4G mobile broadb T-Mobile network. The HP Chromebook14 Stateside retailers before from $299.99 onward.

[ HP Chromebook14 carries Intel’s latest Haswell CPU within ]

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Monday, 9 September 2013

Pavlovian Puppy Potty Trainer makes your life less stressful

pavlovian-pottyAnyone who a puppy before, currently going through phases puppy would definitely be able stressful get, especially when train it. Take me though, proud owner (adorable) furkids, spending month alone train them worth , since such solid training would last them entire lifetime! Once they know where their business, never again would then poop playpen, unless they happen ill let them out their business beyond what they . How about a tool life easier? The $99.95 Pavlovian Puppy Potty Trainer would come case.

The Pavlovian Puppy Potty Trainer happens a puppy pad which just when a pet itself properly, where then use positive reinforcement a reward good habits, never mind owner him/herself physically present praise. T device boasts sensors mat detect moisture a wireless signal treat dispenser, which obviously need remains stocked dog’s favorite kibble. Not, comes handheld remote a 25′ range so training exercises good habits from a distance.
[ Pavlovian Puppy Potty Trainer makes less stressful ]

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Limited Edition Deluxe Doctor Who River Song’s TARDIS Journal would send fans to pick up a pen again

tardis-journalIf a flair, down a prose own from time strikes, bode Doctor Who fan $79.99 Limited Edition Deluxe Doctor Who River Song’s TARDIS Journal. Yes sir, sound out so much money regular journal, but, a limited edition, full size replica Song’s journal, where boast embossed, leather-look cover.

Open cover, a cool 440 textured -looking blank pages cannot wa fill own. Assuming a Halloween party, want Doctor Who character, where t covered journal would be ideal complement a River Song costume. I , cover -look material does ring . Do bear Limited Edition Deluxe Doctor Who River Song’s TARDIS Journal happens a convention exclusive, so fully licensed Doctor Who collectible, want fast before out !
[ Limited Edition Deluxe Doctor Who River Song’s TARDIS Journal would send fans pen again ]

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LG Display unveils first Intel WiDi enabled LCD panel for monitors in the world

lg-display-widiLG Display remains forefront yet again, company announced developed ’s first LCD panel boast Intel Wireless Display (WiDi) technology, which obviously project performed Corporation. T a spanking new 23.8-inch LCD panel be recent improvement which empowers users ability wirelessly their laptop content TVs far manner.

T collaboration resulted development panel offer Intel WiDi solution through key chipset directly in LCD module. Thanks a cutting-edge LCD panel been embedded Intel WiDi solution, LG Display would be able users enjoy quality images easy access WiDi technology, all without having through additional devices, mention paving manufacturers such advanced technology future range .

Sang-Yeol Kim, Vice President Display’s IT Product Planning Division, said, “LG Display’s latest development brings us closer N-Screen era. Through our close collaboration Corporation, forward devices global partners.”

seen, however, just how much such a display would cost when arrives market. We do know, however, 23.8” Intel WiDi solution-enabled LCD panel its debut upcoming 2013 Intel Developer Forum which tomorrow until September 12th Francisco, California.

[ LG Display unveils first Intel WiDi enabled LCD panel world ]

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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

LG G Pad 8.3 set to debut at IFA 2013

lg-gpadThe world powered tablets one many choices from, gamut out there who set slice pie. If fan Korean consumer electronics giant LG, then definitely be pleased set G Pad 8.3 2013 happening, Germany, later t. T addition G Series range mobile devices, where -new LG G Pad 8.3 distinction Full HD display 8-inch class tablet, offering a special user-experience wide range features.

think a large display would offer a poor performance life, right? Wrong! Despite its relatively generous display size, G Pad 8.3 manage slim profile which be awkward when , compact portability hails from LG’s ability consumers’ wants concerning a tablet’s size. Without sacrificing portability, G Pad 8.3 manage powerful 4,600mAh battery so get long-lasting usage time without building biceps feather light 338 grams.

As rest hardware specifications LG G Pad 8.3, come equipped 1920 x 1200 WUXGA (Widescreen Ultra Extended Graphics Array) display which offers a picture quality even higher compared standard Full HD display. Not, be powered quad-core 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, boasting QPair app allow every call received smartphone G Pad, delivering a true convergence experience. then send simple replies via G Pad 8.3 over QPair, making snap G Pad manufacturers’ smartphone (although Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ). Pricing details remain announced, but all should be revealed 2013 later t.


[ LG G Pad 8.3 set 2013 ]

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The Balcony BBQ saves on space


A couple ago I moved in house, I won’t be going back apartment anytime soon. Apartments, because they’re usually part , rent . However, I don’t miss sharing a wall (or a ceiling) neighbor, small amount tend . However, if reside, sometimes get creative if certain aspects small home.

If large apartment building, then there’s a good chance’ve got a small balcony. These out some fresh air, but they usually don’t ton . Now, if you’re who likes out grill, t be a problem. But that’s exactly why The Balcony BBQ was created.

T box 2 feet long, which gives enough room out. be attached railings, needed, mounted wall. Now, instead bulky grill, you’ll something planter. In fact, actually double planter during you’re it (though I wouldn’t really advise taking advantage feature). T grill around $94.

Source: ChipChick
[ The Balcony BBQ saves ]

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