Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Igloo Making Tool – who says camping in the winter can’t be fun?

Igloo Making Device

It’s painfully cold, windy, lot , ice, combination around. be annoyed dreary are, worst situation. Wearing than normal so ’t freeze, hot chocolate, snowball fights memories, nature .

If t weather any other season, why camping? think I’m crazy, but if , it’s really bad sounds. The problem is, most experience building t , which Igloo Maker would be perfect want t a go.

T a pole adjustments, “one layer igloos correct catenary shape help support snow while packing ”. After six rows, be able form leaning far enough inward snow outside. If , gear would also need icy housing, then t be great fun involved. T require four inches ground, so if you’re warmer area’t get much way weather, t certainly be a waste of $180.

Available on Amazon, found via ohGizmo
[ Igloo Making Tool – who says camping winter can’t be fun? ]

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