Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Lepow Moonstone Power Bank keeps the environment in mind


If our phones could just put themselves a longer battery life, ’t need power source every few hours. It’s strange piece so standard panic without it. How many 5 phone numbers addresses anymore? Not inability people from t a paper map .

We need our phones, even though they certainly don’t need us. T reason why so many different types batteries on market. If something relatively compact, eco-friendly, but still packs a wallop, then Moonstone Power Bank fuel. It’s colorful, in palm hand, capable fully charged.5 hours depending 3000 battery capacity respectively.

Your color options green, carmine red, glossy black, sunflower yellow,. T two ports so charge two things, should be compatible tablets, smartphones, MP3s, mobile devices. cost from $70-100, which does seem a tad excessive many other options available. Its packaging friendly -toxic, power bank itself 8 ounces, making perfect travel companion.

Available on Amazon, found via Geekchurch
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