Monday, 6 January 2014

Ding Dong, It’s Doorbot!


Okay, I adm, I’m a hider. My doorbell rings, run in closet, which gives a perfect view front steps, allowing me a decision whether I . I usually don’t, but, if I wanted you, I would coming. I say in closet inconvenient makes me feel a b, hiding own house.

Well, once again, technology answers my prayers. Check out … enabling  see who’s standing front door, be able over audio. Your visitors simply ring , sends iOS, smartphone.

DoorBot installs easily enough be hardwired where doorbell used , run internal battery needs recharged once a year. The camera uses LED technology be able who come after dark. DoorBot compatible, which lets /unlock ’s deadbolt smartphone application.

Compatible, iPad devices, DoorBot 200 bucks, available-order through, select retail stores…So much than running closet,don’t ?
[ Ding Dong, It’s Doorbot! ]

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