Friday, 24 January 2014

Plug Purse – Carries your Stuff, and Charges your Phone


Is there anything worse than phone dying right when most? I don’t know about you, but like I all day single charge, unless I sort . Flat tire, stuck… way hospital. Inevitably, when I really need phone, it’s dead. Lately, there happens a very nice selection charged, so dead phones thing past.

Check out Purse, a very inexpensive solution problem, Purse small wristlet style purse, mobile phone charger built right inside. Plug Purse from a little handbag, it’s small, but room most essentials. Use bag,, like me, around , use a wallet phone holder. The Plug Purse rechargeable internal battery enough power recharge phone, internal power cord right you’ll never lose it, all cell phones.

So if a cute, convenient affordable phone charging option’re when , get yourself Purse. The Plug Purse , makeup, checkbook cards, recharges easily via USB, and comes choice , pink, teal, red. All 20 bucks, at
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