Friday, 31 January 2014

The Hand-Crank Accordion Lantern can come out and play or be packed away


When traveling back, every b space used appropriately. , but comes price. Lightweight tents bags harsh weather something you’d want weekend romp woods.

Aside from a campfire, you’ll probably want a light source easy charged, ’t take room gear. The Hand-Crank Accordion Lantern measures 1.75×3.5” when closed, .5×3.5” when open. When compressed, be used flashlight, fully extended, be a lantern.

If ’t feel like cranking away , then always plug via USB a full charge within 4 hours. Although, feel a b like cheating all work. Either way, having would be nice, just mode. Made Plastic, it’s very easy clean . T cost close to $30, perfect backpacking travels, be nice around short stint woods.

Available on Momastore, found via thegreenhead
[ The Hand-Crank Accordion Lantern out packed away ]

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